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Council Agendas and Minutes

Council Agendas will be posted the Friday before a Council Meeting. Council Minutes for previous meetings will be posted after the Council Meeting where they are approved and adopted by Council.

Links Open In New Window. All of our agendas and minutes below require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.  This software is free and available from the Adobe Website

council live stream

Council Date
Agenda Minutes Web Streaming
* Please be advised that the closed captioning is in the process of being reviewed.
Our closed captioning has a 94% accuracy rate.
Dec 9, 2021 Agenda 9.8mb    
Dec 7, 2021 Meeting has been cancelled
Nov 23, 2021 Agenda 10.3mb   Web Streaming *
Nov 22, 2021     Web Streaming *
Budget Review Committee
Nov 16, 2021 Agenda 7.3mb   Web Streaming *
Nov 15, 2021     Web Streaming *
Budget Review Committee
Nov 9, 2021 Meeting has been cancelled
Nov 2, 2021 Agenda 21mb Minutes 207k Web Streaming *
Oct 26, 2021 Agenda 988k Minutes 197k Web Streaming *
Budget Review Committee
and Special Council meeting
Oct 19, 2021 Agenda 7.25mb Minutes 247k Web Streaming *
Oct 12, 2021 Agenda 49.98mb Minutes 197k Web Streaming *
Budget Review Committee
and Special Council meeting
Oct 5, 2021 Agenda 19.82mb Minutes 297k Web Streaming *
Sept 28, 2021 Agenda 610k Minutes 185k Web Streaming *
Sept 21, 2021 Agenda 2.75mb Minutes 206k Web Streaming *
Sept 14, 2021 Agenda 4.62mb Minutes 256k Web Streaming *
Sept 07, 2021 Agenda 67.22mb Minutes 234k Web Streaming *
Aug 17, 2021 Agenda 42k Minutes 314k no recording available
Aug 10, 2021 Agenda 81.2mb Minutes 234k Web Streaming *
July 06, 2021 Agenda 42.73mb Minutes 93k Web Streaming *
June 29, 2021 Agenda 120k Minutes 34k no recording available
June 22, 2021 Agenda 4.55mb Minutes 34k Web Streaming *
June 15, 2021 Agenda 17.65mb Minutes 86k Web Streaming *
June 8, 2021 Agenda 1.66mb Minutes 51k Web Streaming *
June 1, 2021 Agenda 7.42mb Minutes 54k Web Streaming *
May 25, 2021 Agenda 90k Minutes 36k no recording available
May 18, 2021 Agenda 4.90mb Minutes 52k Web Streaming *
May 11, 2021 Agenda 3.95mb Minutes 31k Web Streaming *
May 4, 2021 Agenda 8.9mb Minutes 98k Web Streaming *
Apr 29, 2021 Agenda 450kb Minutes 31k Web Streaming *
Apr 27, 2021 Agenda 1.5mb Minutes 40k Web Streaming *
Apr 20, 2021 Agenda 6.54mb Minutes 66k Web Streaming *
Apr 13, 2021 Agenda 3.44mb Minutes 51k Web Streaming * (General Committee Workshop)
Web Streaming * (Special Council)
Mar 23, 2021 Agenda 5.64mb Minutes 73k Web Streaming *
Mar 16, 2021 Agenda 54k Minutes 36k no recording available
Mar 9, 2021 Agenda 2.55mb Minutes 51k Web Streaming *
Mar 2, 2021 Agenda 3.95mb Minutes 84k Web Streaming * (Council)
Web Streaming * (Special Council reconvene Feb 23rd meeting)
Feb 23, 2021 Agenda 11.7mb Minutes 45k Web Streaming *
Feb 16, 2021 Meeting has been cancelled and rescheduled to Feb 23rd
Feb 9, 2021 Agenda 500k Minutes 35k Web Streaming *
Feb 2, 2021 Agenda 29.4mb Minutes 117k Web Streaming *
Jan 26, 2021 Agenda 11.1mb Minutes 52k Web Streaming *
Jan 19, 2021 Agenda 4.52mb Minutes 54k Web Streaming *
Jan 12, 2021 Agenda 1.12mb Minutes 44k Web Streaming *


Council Date
Agenda Minutes Web Streaming
* Please be advised that the closed captioning is in the process of being reviewed.
Our closed captioning has a 94% accuracy rate.
Dec 22, 2020 Agenda 64k Minutes 34k no recording available
Dec 15, 2020 Agenda 9.6mb Minutes 76k Web Streaming *
Dec 1, 2020 Agenda 14.2mb Minutes 42k Web Streaming *
Nov 24, 2020 Agenda 62k Minutes 42k no recording available
Nov 10, 2020 Agenda 3.3mb Minutes 82k Web Streaming *
Nov 3, 2020 Agenda 21.4mb Minutes 93k Web Streaming *
Oct 27, 2020 Agenda 25.5mb Minutes 57k Web Streaming *
Oct 20, 2020 Agenda 31.6mb Minutes 107k Web Streaming *
Oct 13, 2020 Agenda 5.6mb Minutes 79k Web Streaming *
Budget Review Committee and Council meeting
Oct 6, 2020 Agenda 34.6mb Minutes 103k Web Streaming *
Budget Review Committee and Council meeting
Sept 22, 2020 Agenda 11.6mb Minutes 55k Web Streaming *
Sept 21, 2020 Agenda 230k Minutes 34k no recording available
Sept 15, 2020 Agenda 7.8mb Minutes 62k Web Streaming *
Sept 8, 2020 Agenda 280k Minutes 73k Web Streaming *
Sept 1, 2020 Agenda 22.8mb Minutes 56k Web Streaming *
Aug 18, 2020 Agenda 3.4mb Minutes 47k Web Streaming *
Aug 4, 2020 Agenda 40.50mb Minutes 82k Web Streaming *
July 21, 2020 Agenda 7.5mb Minutes 47k Web Streaming *
July 7, 2020 Agenda 11.0mb Minutes 59k Web Streaming *
June 30, 2020 Agenda 152k Minutes 33k Audio only
June 23, 2020 Agenda 3.3mb Minutes 33k Web Streaming *
June 16, 2020 Agenda 15.7mb Minutes 84k Web Streaming *
June 9, 2020 Agenda 3.1mb Minutes 102k Web Streaming *
June 2, 2020 Agenda 6.4mb Minutes 60k Web Streaming *
May 26, 2020 Agenda 103.8mb Minutes 78k Web Streaming *
  (If the above agenda doesn't automatically download. Please right click and save target as..)
May 19, 2020 Agenda 14.1mb Minutes 58k Web Streaming * (there is no CC)
May 5, 2020 Agenda 11.2mb Minutes 55k Web Streaming *
Apr 21, 2020 Agenda 3.2mb Minutes 80k Web Streaming *
Apr 1, 2020 Agenda 176k Minutes 42k Web Streaming *
Mar 26, 2020 Agenda 977k Minutes 37k Web Streaming *
Mar 19, 2020 Agenda 77k Minutes 32k Audio only
Mar 10, 2020 Agenda 770k Minutes 31k Web Streaming * (there is no CC)
Mar 3, 2020 Agenda 2.4mb Minutes 57k Web Streaming *
Feb 25, 2020 Agenda 515k Minutes 37k no recording available
Feb 18, 2020 Agenda 2.8mb Minutes 98k Web Streaming *
Feb 11, 2020 Agenda 878k Minutes 112k Web Streaming *
Feb 4, 2020 Agenda 11.8mb Minutes 82k Web Streaming *
Jan 28, 2020 Agenda 270k Minutes 230k Web Streaming *
Jan 21, 2020 Agenda 14.2mb Minutes 85k Web Streaming *
Jan 14, 2020 Agenda 225k Minutes 353k Web Streaming


Council Date
Agenda Minutes Web Streaming
* Please be advised that the closed captioning is in the process of being reviewed. Our closed captioning has a 94% accuracy rate.
Dec 17 Agenda 8.38mb Minutes 75k Web Streaming *
Dec 10 Agenda 5.8mb Minutes 58k Web Streaming * (Note: the meeting starts at 15:20)
Dec 3 Agenda 19.8mb Minutes 45k Web Streaming *
Nov 26 Agenda 85k Minutes 224k Web Streaming *
Nov 25 Agenda 72k Minutes 33k Web Streaming *
Nov 19 Agenda 3.8mb Minutes 71k Web Streaming *
Nov 12 Agenda 1.8mb Minutes 38k Web Streaming *
Nov 5 Agenda 3.8mb Minutes 48k Web Streaming * (only audio)
Oct 22 Agenda 15.40mb Minutes 64k Web Streaming * (there is no CC)
Oct 15 Agenda 27.88mb Minutes 34k Web Streaming
Oct 8 Agenda 3.78mb Minutes 40k Web Streaming *
Oct 1 Agenda 15.5mb Minutes 56k Web Streaming *
Sept 17 Agenda 25.57mb Minutes 65k Web Streaming *
Sept 10 Agenda 7.05mb Minutes 37k Web Streaming
Sept 3 Agenda 15.82mb Minutes 60k Web Streaming
Aug 6 Agenda 26.5mb Minutes 86k Web Streaming
July 9 Agenda 33.3mb Minutes 85k Web Streaming
June 25 Agenda 365k Minutes 48k Web Streaming *
June 18 Agenda 1.8mb Minutes 38k Web Streaming
June 11 Agenda 83k Minutes 348k Web Streaming *
June 4 Agenda 11.9mb Minutes 66k Web Streaming *
May 28 Agenda 433k Minutes 362k Web Streaming *
May 21 Agenda 7.36mb Minutes 66k Web Streaming *
May 14 Agenda 380k Minutes 231k Web Streaming *
May 7 Agenda 10.2mb Minutes 55k no recording available
Apr 23 Agenda 225k Minutes 38k Web Streaming *
Apr 16 Agenda 15.2mb Minutes 48k Web Streaming *
Apr 9 Agenda 104k Minutes 52k Web Streaming *
Apr 2 Agenda 8.3mb Minutes 82k Web Streaming *
Mar 26 Agenda 608k Minutes 36k Web Streaming *
Mar 19 Agenda 28.5mb Minutes 95k Web Streaming *
Mar 5 Agenda 8.5mb Minutes 75k Web Streaming *
Feb 26 Agenda 181k Minutes 245k Web Streaming *
Feb 19 Agenda 27mb Minutes 61k no recording available
Feb 5 Agenda 20mb Minutes 71k Web Streaming *
Jan 22 Agenda 1mb Minutes 36k Web Streaming *
Jan 15 Agenda 6.5mb Minutes 68k Web Streaming *
Jan 8 Agenda 184k Minutes 73k Web Streaming *


Council Date
Agenda Minutes
Dec 18 Agenda 18.1mb Minutes 80k
Dec 11 Agenda 4.8mb Minutes 121k
Dec 4 Agenda 9.2mb Minutes 73k
Nov 20 Agenda 60k Minutes 31k
Sept 25 Agenda 98k Minutes 101k
Sept 6 Agenda 124k Minutes 27k
Aug 28 Agenda 83k Minutes 58k
Aug 9 Agenda 110k Minutes 41k
July 24 Agenda 92k Minutes 73k
June 26 Agenda 458k Minutes 46k
June 19 Agenda 85k Minutes 102k
June 12 Agenda 122k Minutes 33k
June 5 Agenda 90k Minutes 75k
May 22 Agenda 53k Minutes 136k
May 15 Agenda 82k Minutes 70k
May 8 Agenda 829k Minutes 56k
May 1 Agenda 63k Minutes 37k
Apr 24 Agenda 823k Minutes 258k
Apr 17 Agenda 90k Minutes 58k
Apr 10 Agenda 228k Minutes 252k
Apr 6 Agenda 232k Minutes 33k
Apr 3 Agenda 72k Minutes 46k
Mar 27 Agenda 140k Minutes 34k
Mar 20 Agenda 550k Minutes 50k
Mar 6 Agenda 118k Minutes 60k
Feb 20 Agenda 88k Minutes 60k
Feb 13 Agenda 214k Minutes 235k
Feb 6 Agenda 104k Minutes 82k
Jan 23 Agenda 468k Minutes 296k
Jan 16 Agenda 76k Minutes 42k
Jan 9 Agenda 387k Minutes 196k


Council Date
Agenda Minutes
Dec 19 Agenda 111k Minutes 96k
Dec 12 Agenda 328k Minutes 196k
Dec 5 Agenda 84k Minutes 80k
Nov 28 Agenda 214k Minutes 233k
Nov 21 Agenda 150k Minutes 60k
Nov 14 Agenda 777k Minutes 37k
Nov 7 Agenda 87k Minutes 52k
Oct 30 Agenda 80k Minutes 36k
Oct 24 Agenda 468k Minutes 250k
Oct 17 Agenda 83k Minutes 76k
Oct 10 Agenda 468k Minutes 32k
Oct 4 Agenda 90k Minutes 58k
Sep 26 Agenda 345k Minutes 32k
Sep 19 Agenda 98k Minutes 58k
Aug 22 Agenda 98k Minutes 92k
Jul 25 Agenda 95k Minutes 80k
Jul 4 Agenda 727k Minutes 44k
Jun 20 Agenda 87k Minutes 68k
Jun 14 Agenda 535k Minutes 34k
Jun 13 Agenda 79k Minutes 45k
Jun 6 Agenda 81k Minutes 48k
May 23 Agenda 93k Minutes 36k
May 16 Agenda 78k Minutes 36k
May 9 Agenda 430k Minutes 36k
May 2 Agenda 86k Minutes 64k
Apr 18 Agenda 86k Minutes 92k
Apr 4 Agenda 88k Minutes 62k
Mar 28 Agenda 464k Minutes 36k
Mar 21 Agenda 80k Minutes 54k
Mar 7 Agenda 92k Minutes 68k
Feb 21 Agenda 70k Minutes 40k
Feb 14 Agenda 259k Minutes 120k
Feb 7 Agenda 78k Minutes 47k
Jan 24 Agenda 111k Minutes 172k
Jan 17 Agenda 85k Minutes 63k


Council Date
Agenda Minutes
Dec 20 Agenda 85k Minutes 55k
Dec 13 Agenda 85k Minutes 32k
Dec 6 Agenda 85k Minutes 32k
Nov 29 Agenda 133k Minutes 32k
Nov 15 Agenda 72k Minutes 45k
Nov 7 Agenda 27k Minutes 32k
Nov 1 Agenda 80k Minutes 48k
Oct 24 Agenda 79k Minutes 21k
Oct 18 Agenda 79k Minutes 45k
Oct 4 Agenda 79k Minutes 60k
Oct 3 Strategic Priorities Workshop  
Sep 21 Agenda 79k Minutes 94k
Aug 23 Agenda 79k Minutes 110k
Aug 10 Agenda 79k Minutes 51k
Jul 19 Agenda 79k Minutes 120k
Jun 28 Agenda 86k Minutes 51k
Jun 21 Agenda 79k Minutes 121k
Jun 7 Agenda 91k Minutes 77k
May 24 Agenda 386k Minutes 30k
May 17 Agenda 74k Minutes 57k
May 10 Agenda 268k Minutes 40k
May 3 Agenda 122k Minutes 105k
Apr 19 Agenda 77k Minutes 106k
Apr 12 Agenda 192k Minutes 49k
Apr 5 Agenda 68k Minutes 202k
Mar 8 Agenda 82k Minutes 29k
Mar 1 Agenda 70k Minutes 49k
Feb 16 Agenda 108k Minutes 46k
Feb 9 Agenda 148k Minutes 21k
Feb 2 Agenda 103k Minutes 60k
Jan 26 Agenda 35k Minutes 34k
Jan 19 Agenda 108k Minutes 98k


Council Date
Agenda Minutes
Dec 15 Agenda 119k Minutes 204k
Dec 8 Agenda 36k Minutes 42k
Dec 1 Agenda 100k Minutes 95k
Nov 24 Agenda 36k Minutes 42k
Nov 17 Agenda 111k Minutes 87k
Nov 10 Agenda 25k Minutes 42k
Nov 3 Agenda 129k Minutes 83k
Oct 26 Agenda 25k Minutes 28k
Oct 20 Agenda 129k Minutes 101
Oct 13 Agenda 64k Minutes 107k
Sep 22 Agenda 79k Minutes 44k
Sep 15 Agenda 64k Minutes 110k
Sep 14 Agenda 21k Minutes 41k
Sep 8 Agenda 54k Minutes 24k
Aug 25 Agenda 64k Minutes 46k
Jul 21 Agenda 60k Minutes 24k
Jun 23 Agenda 54k Minutes 24k
Jun 16 Agenda 60k Minutes 39k
Jun 2 Agenda 54k Minutes 29k
May 26 Agenda 30k Minutes 39k
May 19 Agenda 54k Minutes 39k
May 12 Agenda 104k Minutes 39k
May 5 Agenda 23k Minutes 27k
Apr 28 Agenda 104k Minutes 27k
Apr 21 Agenda 23k Minutes 27k
Apr 20 Agenda 36k Minutes 39k
Apr 14 Agenda 23k Minutes 39k
Mar 24 Agenda 36k Minutes 39k
Mar 10 Agenda 57k Minutes 27k
Mar 3 Cancelled
Feb 17 Agenda 57k Minutes 27k
Feb 10 Agenda 36k Minutes 66k
Feb 3 Agenda 157k Minutes 27k
Jan 27 Agenda 36k Minutes 35k
Jan 20 Agenda 53k Minutes 59k


Council Date
Agenda Minutes
Dec 16 Agenda 60k Minutes 35k
Dec 9 Agenda 53k Minutes 17k
Dec 2 Agenda 60k Minutes 33k
Dec 1 -Inaugural   Minutes 46k
Nov 18 Agenda 93k Minutes 38k
Oct 7 Agenda 51k Minutes 40k
Sep 16 Agenda 93k Minutes 40k
Sep 9 Agenda 51k Minutes 34k
Aug 11 Agenda 93k Minutes 52k
Jul 15 Agenda 67k Minutes 39k
Jun 24 Agenda 93k Minutes 25k
Jun 17 Agenda 64k Minutes 40k
Jun 3 Agenda 62k Minutes 23k
May 27 Agenda 69k Minutes 23k
May 20 Agenda 62k Minutes 36k
May 13 Agenda 122k Minutes 100k
May 6 Agenda 62k Minutes 147k
Apr 15 Agenda 59k Minutes 41k
Apr 8 Agenda 59k Minutes 31k
Apr 1 Agenda 59k Minutes 31k
Mar 18 Agenda 59k Minutes 31k
Mar 4 Agenda 59k Minutes 31k
Feb 25   Minutes 26k
Feb 18 Agenda 773k Minutes 37k
Feb 11 Agenda 55k Minutes 32k
Feb 4 Agenda 63k Minutes 43k
Jan 28 Agenda 55k Minutes 26k
Jan 21 Agenda 69k Minutes 34k
Jan 14 Agenda 169k Minutes 26k


Council Date
Agenda Minutes
Dec 17 Agenda 837k Minutes 35k
Dec 10 Agenda 119k Minutes 26k
Dec 3 Agenda 60k Minutes 36k
Dec 2 Agenda 38k Minutes 26k
Nov 26 Agenda 60k Minutes 26k
Nov 19 Agenda 61k Minutes 38k
Nov 12 Agenda 60k Minutes 38k
Nov 5 Agenda 60k Minutes 38k
Oct 22 Agenda 58k Minutes 23k
Oct 15 Agenda 60k Minutes 38k
Oct 1 Agenda 205k Minutes 36k
Sep 24 Agenda 163k Minutes 36k
Sep 10 Agenda 48k Minutes 40k
Aug 27 Agenda 177k Minutes 40k
Aug 12 Agenda 62k Minutes 59k
July 16 Agenda 60k Minutes 40k
June 25 Agenda 131k Minutes 30k
June 18 Agenda 65k Minutes 38k
June 11 Agenda 112k Minutes 34k
June 4 Agenda 65k Minutes 34k
May 28 Agenda 162k Minutes 28k
May 21 Agenda 225k Minutes 34k
May 14 Agenda 162k Minutes 43k
Apr 23 Agenda 225k Minutes 41k
Apr 16 Agenda 55k Minutes 37k
Apr 9 Agenda 25k Minutes 29k
Apr 2 Agenda 55k Minutes 38k
Mar 26 Agenda 54k Minutes 16k
Mar 19 Agenda 66k Minutes 32k
Mar 5 Agenda 54k Minutes 32k
Feb 26 Agenda 66k Minutes 23k
Feb 12 Agenda 54k Minutes 20k
Feb 5 Agenda 54k Minutes 20k
Jan 22 Agenda 61k Minutes 20k
Jan 15 Agenda 55k Minutes 29k