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Welland City Council 2018-2022

Email Council at council@welland.ca or use the links on this page for more ways to connect with individual Members of Council.

Ward One City Councillors
Adam Moote
Phone: 905-736-3620
Email: adam.moote@welland.ca
Mary Ann Grimaldi
Phone: 905-788-3498
Email: maryann.grimaldi@welland.ca
Ward Two City Councillors
David McLeod
Phone: 905-736-0465
Email: david.mcleod@welland.ca
Leo Van Vliet
Phone: 289-821-5037
Email: leo.vanvliet@welland.ca
Ward Three City Councillors
John Chiocchio
Phone: 905-736-0240
Email: john.chiocchio@welland.ca
John Mastroianni
Phone: 905-329-8466
Email: john.mastroianni@welland.ca
Ward Four City Councillors
Bryan Green
Phone: 905-736-3621
Email: bryan.green@welland.ca
Tony Dimarco
Phone: 905-734-6495
Email: tony.dimarco@welland.ca
Ward Five City Councillors
Claudette Richard
Phone: 905-736-1911
Email: claudette.richard@welland.ca
Graham Speck
Phone: 905-714-6034
Email: graham.speck@welland.ca
Ward Six City Councillors
Bonnie Fokkens
Phone: 905-736-0469
Email: bonnie.fokkens@welland.ca
Jim Larouche
Phone: 905-734-3310
Email: jim.larouche@welland.ca
Regional Council Representatives