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Rodent Control

burrow holes
burrow holes
gnaw marks
gnaw marks
rodent droppings
rodent droppings
rodent runways
rodent runways


Residential Rodent Control Rebate Program

Residential property owners who hire the services of an Ontario licensed pest control exterminator may be eligible for one rebate once per calendar year. The eligible rebate is 50% of the total bill up to a maximum amount of $200.00 for rodent pest control services to the exterior property only.

  • Prior to scheduling an inspection please ensure the yard is free from all refuse, tall grass and weeds, food sources, water sources, etc.
  • A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer must first assess the exterior yard for evidence of infestation.
  • The Officer will provide the following:
    • Information and tips on how to prevent and control rodents.
    • A Residential Rodent Control Rebate Form and a Contractor Form
  • If there is a concern with the property the Officer will advise the home owner on how to rectify the deficiencies. Any issues or litter must be taken care of before you are eligible for the rebate. After you have taken care of the issues, please contact the By-law Enforcement Division for a follow-up site visit.
  • Hire a licensed Ontario Pest Control company of your choosing. Talk to your contractor before the bill is prepared to ensure it contains all necessary information. Including the service address, and clearly notes what portion of the service was to the exterior yard only. Pest control services provided to the interior of the home are not eligible. Keep a copy of the bill for your records.
  • Please read all the terms, conditions and instructions on the Application
  • Complete and sign the Application Form and have your licensed Contractor complete and sign the Contractor Form.
  • The City will not accept applications for pest control products purchased by the property owner at retail outlets for their own application.
  • Submit both forms with the original bill of service by mail or in-person. If you wish to keep the original bill please submit the forms in-person at City Hall so staff can verify and make a copy.
  • Submit forms to:
    City of Welland
    By-law Enforcement Division
    60 East Main Street
    Welland, On L3B 3X4
  • Upon City approval the rebate cheque will be issued to the property owner only. Please allow 30 days for processing.
  • If denied, a representative will provide the applicant with reasons for the refusal.

Preventing a Rodent Issue

To control rodents you must remove easy access to their survival basics: food, shelter, and water. See the How to Prevent Rodent Activity on your Property brochure for tips on rodent prevention and control.

  • Burrow holes and droppings (likely near garbage)
  • Holes or gnaw marks
  • Secure garbage and compost (both indoor and outdoor) in plastic or metal receptacles with tight fitting lids.
  • Never place fatty or oily food waste, eggs or milk products in the composter.
  • Remove pet food after feeding; clean waste from pet enclosures.
  • Eliminate water sources such as leaky faucets, bird baths and all standing water.
  • Keep areas around bird feeders and birdbaths clean.
  • Remove bird feeders during a rodent infestation.
  • Keep your yard free from all refuse.
  • Cut tall grass and weeds back from the home’s foundation and throughout the property.
  • Remove clutter from around the home, garage and shed.
  • Lift wood piles approximately 30cm (12 inches) off the ground and away from the home.
  • Repair cracks in the home’s foundation.
  • Eliminate entry points (some rodents can squeeze through cracks as small as a dime).
  • Use metal weather stripping under exterior doors.
  • Cover drain pipes, dryer, fresh air and attic vents with fine metal screening.

picture of a mouse

Do you have rodents inside your home?

Contact Niagara Public Health at www.niagararegion.ca