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Inspection Fee and Re-inspection Fee Process Explanation Guide

Welland Fire and Emergency Services (WFES) fire prevention and enforcement strategies aim to increase public safety and awareness. WFES is guided by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA) and regulations under the FPPA, like the Ontario Fire Code.

Re-inspections are required to ensure Fire Code compliance when violations have been identified during the first inspection.

Overview of the Process that will fall into one of four inspection streams:

  • A Fire Prevention Officer (FPO) inspects a building and finds no deficiencies to the Ontario Fire Code or other applicable legislation, then only the primary inspection fee will apply.
  • Primary inspection fees vary depending on the occupancy type (refer to fee schedule and confirm with an FPO when booking an inspection).
  • If a building is non-compliant with the Fire Code, the FPO will issue the person responsible for the property an inspection report or an inspection order. Where an inspection report or order is issued, the FPO will return to complete the inspection process and confirm that violations have been fixed and the report or order has been complied with.
  • If all the violations are fixed when the FPO returns to the building to complete the inspection process there will only be the primary inspection fee, plus additional fees for cost recovery up to that point (staff hourly rate based on rank – refer to fee schedule).
  • If an FPO attends the property to follow-up with a re-inspection to verify compliance with an inspection order following the compliance date, and the order has not been complied with, full cost recovery will occur including initial inspection fee, all administrative time incurred by the FPO (hourly rate based on rank – refer to fee schedule), and any court costs or other fees incurred by the Fire Department.
  • If an FPO attends a building and discovers egregious fire safety violations and Fire Code contraventions a prosecution will be commenced following that inspection. Full cost recovery will occur for these circumstances to include initial inspection fee, any administrative time, court costs, and other fees incurred by the Fire Department. This is also applicable for extraordinary circumstances where the Fire Department is compelled to act pursuant to the FPPA to close a building or an immediate threat to life situation.
  • All “Requested Inspections” are charged the initial inspection fee. The inspection process and applicable fees would be the same as listed in items #1-3.

Additional considerations:

  • The initial inspection fee is based on a set amount of time as is estimated by the type of occupancy (hourly – refer to fee schedule).
  • Additional time required for the inspection beyond the initial prescribed time period will be billed at the hourly staff rate and rounded up to the full hour.
  • A limited inspection to verify compliance with a single or minor issue that wouldn’t prompt a full building inspection may be subject to only the hourly staff rate (rounded up to the full hour), at the discretion of the FPO.

Achieving Compliance and Avoiding Re-Inspection Fees:

  • Property owners are responsible to maintain buildings in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code. Taking immediate action to have deficiencies rectified, will increase life safety, and will result in fewer Ontario Fire Code violations.
  • WFES documents Ontario Fire Code violations through either a report or order so that property owners can take appropriate action before an FPO returns to conduct a re-inspection.


  • An invoice will be sent to the property owner indicating the particulars of the inspection and any applicable fees.
  • A property owner may receive more than one invoice.
  • For inquiries, please email fireprevention@welland.ca

** Note the following for Fire Safety Plans:

An initial fire safety plan review by fire prevention staff is $190 + HST. Subsequent reviews will be double the previous fee (in addition to initial invoicing)

A fee may not apply for the following reason(s):

  1. A minor Change to a Building that leads to a fire safety plan revision

    Revisions that involve replacing pages of the plan to address one specific change in building resource, or fire protection system such as, but not limited to:

    • Replacing Fire Alarm panel
    • Relocating sprinkler valve
    • Replacing emergency power supply systems
    • Installation of Electromagnetic locking device
    • Relocation of utility shutoff valve/switch
    Confirm with the FPO to determine the best method to ensuring that the fire safety plan is current and approved by WFES.
  2. Clerical Changes – No Fee

    Clerical changes that do not impact life safety or fire protection systems and do not require changes to the schematics are to be updated on the Owners’ approved Fire Safety Plan copy/copies at the site. This information is valuable to WFES in order to contact the appropriate individuals when the need arises. Owners are asked to email the revised pages to fireprevention@welland.ca for WFES’ records. Examples of Clerical Changes include:

    • Changes to human resource information: i.e. owner/property management, superintendent, fire protection company, monitoring company
    • Modifications to the Residents Who Require Assistance List
    NOTE: The submission of updates to a fire safety plan may initiate a request for more information or an inspection of the property. These actions may be subject to fees.

    *Fee amounts subject to change pending any amendments to the Fees and Charges By-Law*