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Vacant Building Registration

City Council passed a Vacant Building By-law at its meeting of May 17, 2011 in response to concerns raised by residents of the City and municipal emergency services about health/safety and other issues arising from vacant buildings.

Below is a list of the highlights of the By-law:

  • Every owner of a vacant building shall:
    • ensure that the vacant building is secured against unauthorized entry;
    • maintain liability insurance on the vacant building;
    • provide inspection/monitoring of the vacant building no less than on a monthly basis by a person or company familiar and qualified with matters pertaining to this By-law;
    • protect the vacant building against the risk of fire, accident or other danger; and
    • register the vacant building in accordance with Section 6.
  • Where a vacant building remains vacant for more than sixty consecutive days, the Owner shall ensure that all utilities serving the building are properly disconnected, terminated, or capped, unless such utilities are necessary for the safety or security of the vacant building, or unless such utilities are otherwise required by law to remain connected.

Every Owner of a vacant building (except a vacant house or vacant farm building), which has been vacant for at least ninety consecutive days, including days vacant prior to passage of this By-law must register the building with the City of Welland. 

To find out more contact:

The City of Welland
Infrastructure and Development Services
By-law Enforcement Division
60 East Main Street
Welland, Ontario
L3B 3X4

Telephone: 905-735-1700, Ext 2224