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City of Welland Official Plan

Welland’s Official Plan defines the community’s vision for long-term growth and development of the City.  To support this vision, the Plan contains goals, objectives, and policies to guide growth and development, and promote a good quality of life for the citizens of Welland while considering important environmental, economic, cultural, and social factors.   The Official Plan is intended to be a long-term document with a 20 year horizon; however, it is generally viewed as a “living document” that may change as the City evolves and, therefore, the plan will be reviewed on a regular basis.

The Official Plan was adopted by the Council of The Corporation of the City of Welland on May 4, 2010, by By-law 2010-55, and approved, in part, with modifications and deferrals by Niagara Regional Council on September 15, 2011. 

City of Welland Official Plan (pdf~2247kb)

Official Plan Update

The City of Welland is in the process of updating its Official Plan. As the City continues to grow and evolve, the City’s Official Plan requires a review and update of its current policies, goals and objectives.

The Official Plan is a “living” document that guides both short and long-term growth and development. Over the last few months, the City and a team of consultants led by SGL Planning & Design Inc. has been working on background analyses to inform the next phase of the Study: updating the policies of the Official Plan. The Official Plan update will ensure that growth in the community is appropriately accommodated in the context of the City’s unique history and character, in a manner informed by the public and stakeholders.

More specifically, the Official Plan Update will look at:

  • Creating a strong vision for guiding growth in the City to 2051;
  • How to enhance and promote the development of complete, vibrant and healthy communities;
  • How to plan for the impacts of climate change and meet climate change and environmental targets;
  • How to address economic vitality of the Downtown and employment areas;
  • How to promote and enhance the City’s existing neighbourhoods and heritage assets;
  • How to promote, protect and enhance natural areas and green spaces;
  • Garnering important feedback from the community, stakeholders, City staff and public agencies;
  • Conforming with provincial and regional policies; and,
  • Aligning Official Plan policies with municipal objectives for providing appropriate services to meet the needs of a growing community.

Background Information:

Policy Directions

Background Reviews

For more information contact:
Nicolas Aiello
Policy Planning Supervisor
Phone: 905-735-1700, Extension 2132
Email: nicolas.aiello@welland.ca
OR visit the City of Welland Official Plan Update at engagewelland.ca