Art in Welland

Artwork scattered throughout the city celebrates Welland’s heritage.

image of a mural
image of a mural
image of painted canoe
image of Rod Dowling Sculpture

Welland Mural Project

Take a stroll through the city’s downtown and view our heritage through an array of historical murals. The Welland mural project began in 1986, depicting Welland’s industrial and marine past.      

Canoe Art Project

A unique initiative involving local artists using traditional canoes as canvases to create works of art. The canoes are mounted throughout the city, displaying artwork inspired by Welland’s heritage, sporting history, and contemporary culture.

Rod Dowling

Eleven stainless steel sculptures by Rod Dowling are on display at Welland City Hall, and the canal lands around the Welland Community Centre. Sculptures located along the canal represent Welland’s shipping and industrial past.