Places of Interest

Bald House

Bald house

Chippawa Park neighbourhood

Chippawa Park neighbourhood

Cooper Mansion

Cooper mansion

Demare House

Demare house

Dexter house

Dexter house

empire cotton mills office

Empire Cotton Mills office

Grantham-Bovine house

Grantham-Bovine house

The Hobson block

The Hobson block

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Holy Trinity Anglican church

Lowe-Arthurs House

Lowe-Arthurs house

Coach House Maple Ave

Maple Avenue coach house

McCollum-Harcourt House

McCollum-Harcourt house

Old Welland Jail

Old Welland jail

Price House

Price house

Riverside Terrace

Riverside Terrace, former Welland hospital

The Rose Block

The Rose block

Colonel Rose House

Colonel Rose house

Ross Building

Ross building

Schooley-Rose House

Schooley-Rose house

Sidey-LaRose House

Sidey-LaRose house

Somerville House

Somerville house