Farmers Market

Our mission is to provide a community marketplace encouraging a buy local philosophy and allowing patrons to experience a rich tradition. Our vision is to raise community awareness about the benefits of healthy eating and the importance of supporting a sustainable agricultural community.

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About the market

Local farmers proudly share the excitement and flavour of the Welland farmers market with you. Since 1907, locals and tourists visit the market each Saturday to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty meats, natural cheeses, and baked goods.

The Welland farmers market is a community place where creativity, openness, and cooperation are encouraged. Patrons and vendors treat each other with respect, and we get to celebrate the talents and expertise our local farmers and artisans bring to the market.

Getting started — How to apply

Fill out the application corresponding to your type of business. You can submit the application by email or drop it off at the Welland Community Centre at 145 Lincoln Street. We will contact you about your approval status, stall selection, and payment options.

All food must be prepared in an inspected facility. Operators must contact Niagara Region Public Health for a pre-opening inspection/consultation.

We have a Market Manager and Market Attendant onsite for every market.

We have two buildings - the Heritage Building and the New Building. The Heritage Building (Zone C) is for food products and all units have a sink and hydro included. The New Building (Zone D) has a variety of handcrafters and food products. Some stalls have access to shared hydro. The New Building also houses our popular Market Café which serves breakfast.

The majority of outdoor spaces have a permanent shelter, and some stalls have access to hydro. Food trucks are welcome (Zone H). Vendor set up is prior to 7 am. For safety reasons, vehicles shall not remain in the Market Square after 7 am for setup or enter prior to 12 pm for takedown. We have ample free parking and the facility is accessible.

We rent out stalls on a daily or yearly basis:
  • Daily stalls can be booked at any time at a rate of $39.99 (tax and insurance included). If you are interested, please complete the Market Daily Rental Form. Stalls will be assigned on the day of the rental. Vendors will be allocated the most suitable space available. Vendors use their own tables, tent, displays and/or banners within their stall location.
  • Yearly stalls are booked per calendar year (January to December) and we do not prorate these fees. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year. Fees are based on stall type and location. If you are interested, please complete the Yearly Vendor Application. Please refer to the Market Square Vendor map for stall locations.
    • Zone A, B & E: The rate is $285.73 (tax and insurance included). These stalls are covered by a pavilion-style shelter or awning and their size is 8’ x 4.5’. In Zone A & B, vendors use their own tables, tents, displays and/or banners within their stall location. In Zone E, most stalls have a green farmers’ table available for use. Vendors must set up and take down their own equipment and materials in their assigned space. Vendors must not place merchandise more than 10 inches beyond their table. Certain stalls in Zone A & B have hydro at an additional cost; please indicate if needed. Stalls with available hydro are encircled on the map. Adjacent additional stalls are available at a reduced rate.
    • Zone C: The rate is $915.85 (tax and insurance included). These stalls are inside the Heritage Building and are 9’9”x11’. They include hydro and a sink. Stalls are separated by five-foot walls. This building is designated for food products only. Some stalls have a display case/cooler already installed which is available for use at no additional charge, however it will not be repaired or replaced by the City should it cease to function.
    • Zone D: The rate is $678.31 (tax and insurance included). These stalls are inside the New Building and are 10’x10’. Two eight-foot folding tables and a chair are provided. There is some hydro available, please indicate if this is required. Display materials including racking/shelves or other materials cannot be stored in the facility outside of the market times.
    • Zone F, G & H: The rate is $182.22 (tax and insurance included). This is for an uncovered stall the size of a parking space. Vendors use their own tents, tables, displays and/or banners within their stall location. Vendors must set up and take down their own equipment and materials in their assigned space. Vendors must not place merchandise more than 10 inches beyond their table. Adjacent additional stalls are available at a reduced rate.

Once we receive your completed application, you will be contacted to confirm that your permit has been created and that payment is now due. We can process your payment over the phone with a credit card, otherwise you can visit the Welland Community Centre where we also accept debit, cheque or cash. When payment is completed, you will be required to email your signed permit or submit it in person.

Masks are no longer required; however, we welcome and encourage you to continue wearing them if you so choose. We do ask that if you are feeling unwell to not attend the market for everyone's safety.

  • To help strengthen the foundation of a healthy community by offering a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable place for families and individuals to come together to socialize.
  • To stimulate and support our local economy by providing a venue for local producers to sell their goods.
  • To create an opportunity for community groups to convey information about local, social, agricultural, and environmental issues to the Welland community.
  • To encourage a sustainable agricultural food system in our local communities and across Niagara.

Vesna’s Market Café offers breakfast every Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon with indoor seating and a barbecue with patio seating — weather permitting. Please click to view their breakfast menu.

Q) What’s in season?
A) To know when Ontario fruits and vegetables are in season, you can visit

Q) What can I expect?
A) Meat, cheese, eggs, baked goods, prepared foods, take home meals, full breakfast service, fruits, vegetables, and handmade goods can be found at the market.

Q) Year-round, really?
A) Yes! Our indoor vendors sell year-round and a few outdoor specialty vendors stick around during the winter months as well.

Q) Are dogs permitted at the market?
A) Due to food safety restrictions, pets/live animals are not permitted inside the market buildings per provincial regulation O. Reg 493/17 : Food Premises Section 14 (1) Every room where food is prepared, processed, packaged, served, transported, manufactured, handled, sold, offered for sale or displayed shall be kept free from live birds or animals. Also, per Section 14 (2) dogs are allowed in the outdoor eating area: 4. Live dogs in an outdoor eating area of a food service premise as long as food is not prepared in the eating area. City staff reserves the right to request that any dog be handled in an appropriate, safe and responsible manner, and/or be removed from the grounds.

For more information on events at the market, visit our event calendar.

The Welland Farmers Market hosts notable annual events, including Luck of the Irish in March, Earthday Extravaganza in April, Berry Bonanza in June, Heritage Market in August, a four-week Christmas Market and there is live music from Spring to Fall. We have our popular Blender Bikes in the Summer as well as a variety of food trucks.