Secondary Plans

Secondary Plans can be considered as an extension of the City’s Official Plan. A Secondary Plan is intended to provide greater direction for the desired growth of a specific area within the City. In order to guide growth through a Secondary Plan the City may use tools such as implementing policies, guidelines, goals, objectives, actions, and visions.

Northwest Secondary Plan

The Northwest Secondary Plan culminates several years of research, technical studies, community engagement, and collaboration between the City and the Niagara Region. We envision northwest Welland to evolve into a complete community, accommodating future growth and development in the city, respecting the existing character and built form of the area and the natural environment. New low-density residential areas will develop as extensions of established neighbourhoods within the community. New medium-density residential growth will intensify Quaker Road to the east of Rice Road, providing a more walkable, transit-supportive community close to parks, trails, and schools. The centralized mixed-use node at Quaker Road and Rice Road provides intensified residential and commercial growth. We're creating a balanced community where residents can live, work, learn, and play.