Flatwater Community

Connecting community and building waterway spirit.

There are plenty of opportunities through the WIFC to contribute to Welland’s waterway success. From volunteering to sponsorship, internships to vendors, the WIFC is always looking for new partners to achieve our goals as a recreation/sports provider and, most importantly, a community staple.

There are many exciting opportunities for nationally- and locally-based firms to support the WIFC and connect with athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.

The involvement of the WIFC ranges from completely producing an event to collaborating with other dynamic sports or business associations and groups to deliver high-quality events.

All sponsorships and partnerships are mutually beneficial in creating a return on investment for our supporters. Sponsorship and partnership opportunities at all levels are currently available.

Contact us to find out more.

Events at the WIFC provide a festival atmosphere by offering a superior experience in the water and on land – that’s where our wonderful vendors come in.

Open to new ideas and constantly trying to make each event its own uniquely memorable experience, we encourage interested businesses to contact us.