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Catharine Street – The Brick Road

location icon Address: Catharine St.
Built: 1913
Designated: 1996
By-law Number: 1995-10673

Reason for Designation

Catharine Street, from West Main Street to Bald Street, is the only remaining “visible” road constructed of brick in Welland. In April 1912, the City embarked on a program of paving the main streets of Welland with brick. In 1913, Town Council decided to extend brick paving south along Catharine Street from West Main Street to connect to the trolley station on the west side of what is now Prince Charles Drive. The paving of Catharine Street was part of a plan by the Town to establish an integrated transportation system for Welland linking all three railway depots.

The brick paving was undertaken by Charles H. Kaumeier of Port Huron, Michigan. The street is constructed of Metropolitan paving brick of medium red colour laid in a stretcher bond pattern over a six inch concrete base. The brick was manufactured in Michigan. Construction was completed by December 31, 1913, at a cost of $2,613.36. Although subsequently covered with asphalt, due to wear and tear most of the brick is now exposed and retains all of its original material and design.

(The remainder of this “Reason for Designation” is in error. It states that the street was named for Catherine Bald, daughter of David Bald. In actual fact the street was named for Catharine Stoner, wife of Jesse Stoner, the original owner of the land.)

image of Catharine Street

Catharine Street