Insurance Claims

Insurance. You hope you don’t need it, but it’s there when you do. And sometimes, you have to file a claim through the City of Welland for things such as vehicle damage, property damage, or bodily injury. If that’s the case, we’ve made it simple for you to follow the process of filing your claim.

When submitting a claim, the online claim form must be completed as soon as possible after the incident to ensure the claim is not invalidated by a limitations period or other deadline, which can occur as early as 10 days from the incident.

Claimants are asked to provide complete details of the circumstances of the claim and copies of supporting documentation. This reduces delays in seeking additional or clarifying information. A review of a standard claim takes approximately six to eight weeks.

This information is intended to provide claimants with an overview of the claims submission process and should not be considered legal advice. Claimants requiring legal advice should consult their own advisors.

Vehicle damage
Any claim involving a licensed motor vehicle must be reported to the vehicle owner's insurance provider under Ontario automobile insurance regulations, regardless of fault. Therefore, if you have a vehicle accident, report it to your insurance provider immediately. Your vehicle insurer determines if the City or any other party is responsible for the accident and contacts the responsible party directly on your behalf.

Property damage
If you suffer loss or damage to your own property, immediately report it to your property insurance provider. Your property insurer determines if the City or any other party is responsible for the loss or damage and contacts the accountable party directly on your behalf.

Bodily injury
If you suffer an injury you believe to be the fault of the City, you must report the incident to the City immediately. The City's insurance policy may not respond to claims brought forward after the limitations period has expired. This period differs depending on the claim details.

What to include in your claim

Your claim must contain your contact information and a detailed description of what happened, outlining:

  • the specific damage
  • the name(s) of the registered owner(s) of the vehicles/properties involved
  • the date, time, and exact location of the incident
  • witness' names and addresses
  • details of any construction in the vicinity of the incident
  • any other information that may assist in the review of your claim
  • a detailed description of the damages or losses you are claiming
  • copies of all repair invoices, estimates, receipts (when available), or other supporting documentation
  • a dated and signed claim form

How to submit a claim

If you are submitting further documentation after your initial submission, you can email documents to or mail or deliver them to City Hall.