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WellTrans is a service that provides public transportation to Welland residents who require an accessible door-to-door transportation service. We will accommodate your medical, educational and recreational transportation requirements.


If you wish to use WellTrans, you must fill out a registration form with your physician’s signature stating you are unable to use regular transit service. Once the application is approved, you’ll receive a registration approval and can start using the WellTrans service.

Please mail or fax Applications to: 905-732-9422

WellTrans Service Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7:15am to 6:45pm
Saturday: 9:30am to 6:15pm

*ASK ABOUT OUR EXTENDED HOURS. We also have extended hours on Weekdays (6:30am-7:15am, 6:45pm up to 11pm), Saturday (6:30am-9:30am, 6:15pm up to 10pm), and Sunday service (9:45am to 5pm) available through a separate provider. Call the WellTrans office to book your transportation.

WellTrans clients can book weekdays between 8:30am and 2:30pm by calling 905-732-4181 or 905-735-1700 at ext 3102. We do not do same day bookings. Cancellations need to be made a min of 24hrs in advance.

Same day cancellations for after hours trips only Monday to Friday after 4:30pm and on Saturday please call 905-735-4500.

Please note charges will apply to trips cancelled less than 24 hours and for same day cancellations.

Fares (Effective June 4, 2017)
Cash $3.00
WellTrans Econo Pass (10 rides) $25.00

Note: WellTrans passengers may use the following accessible routes #3, #5, #6, #9, #10 West Community and #11 East Community.

For specialized out of town service please call Niagara Specialized Transit at 905-680-2052