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Transit Alerts and Notices


DIVERSIONARY INFO: Routes Affected: 504

Start Date: January 18, 2022

End Date: January 20, 2022

504 – Inbound from Endicott & Colbeck
Eastbound on Colbeck Dr., Northbound on Diffin Dr., Eastbound on Fitch St., Southbound on Prince Charles Dr., continue on regular routing

Map Overview: Detour in red

map for map

Free rides to individuals traveling for their Covid-19 vaccination appointments

Welland Transit is offering free rides to individuals traveling for their Covid-19 vaccination appointments. The process to board the buses is really easy… simply show the Bus Operator some proof that you are travelling for your vaccination shot. This can be an appointment time, email notification, text… whatever you may have to indicate the intent of this trip. This free ride service will be in effect until further notice, but will last until everyone has received their first and second vaccine shot. The free service allows you to travel to & from your vaccination appointment.

Welland Transit Information – YMCA Site

  • The main vaccination site will be the Welland YMCA (next to Niagara College), but you may also ride for free if you’re getting your vaccination at a doctor’s office or pharmacy etc.
  • The main transit routes that serve the YMCA site are routes #502 and #503… route #509 also travels to Niagara College, but you would have a 5 minute walk to the YMCA building.

For further Welland Transit information, kindly call (905) 735-1700 ext. 2291



NEW - Transit App

Download the free and easy to use mobile application. Visit our Transit Mobile App webpage for details.

Welland Transit

The Welland Transit routes have not changed… just the associated schedules.

WellTrans Service

WellTrans Service Hours are as follows:

  • Mon. - Fri. - 6am to 11pm
  • Sat. - 6am to 10pm
  • Sun. - 10am to 6pm

To book a trip on WellTrans passengers can call 905-735-1700 ext. 3102.

Niagara Region Transit

  • Effective Monday, January 4th, 2021, there will be revisions to the Niagara Region Transit service. For further information, kindly visit niagararegion.ca/transit or call (905) 980-6000 ext. 3550.

Port Colborne Community

  • Port Colborne Community Until Further Notice – regular service has resumed
    Map and Schedule

Safety Measures For Everyone’s Protection

It is strongly recommended that all Transit customers either boarding the buses or entering the Terminal wear a face covering (mask) for the safety of all.
All boarding will take place at the front door effective Monday, June 22nd .
The Bus Operators will be protected by a clear Plexiglas barrier – you can still talk with them as you board.
Upon boarding the bus, you’ll notice every other row of seats is blocked off. Kindly sit in the open seats/rows to encourage safe distancing.
When the Terminal opens on June 29th, there will be Transit staff present to assist you as you enter the facility.


Suspension of the 2020/21 U-Pass program

Due to the suspension of the 2020/21 U-Pass program, all Niagara College students are now designated as adult Fares. Student Fares apply to Elementary and Secondary students only. Visit Transit Fares for details.


Route 508 Detour - Walmart Construction - bus stop relocated

Due to construction we will not be able to service the Walmart stop located behind Mark’s warehouse. We will be servicing a temporary stop located on Primeway Dr. in front of Rona. This will continue until further notice.


Welland Transit Customer Safety Request

Transit Customers… Public Health Officials are encouraging you to wear some form of facial protection when utilizing public transit. This protection does not have to be a formal medical grade face mask, it can be anything that prevents your respiratory droplets from reaching others when you talk / breathe or landing on surfaces others may touch. More information can be found in our Customer Safety Request poster.