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Transit Mobile App

Transit app graphic

Welland Transit is joining more than 200 cities and connecting riders to bus routes through transit app. By downloading the free and easy to use mobile application, riders have access to real-time bus schedules and other useful rider information at their fingertips. The user-friendly app usesGPS software to display routes in the user’s immediate area and indicates arrival times, allowing riders to better manage their schedules.


How To Plan a trip from A to B

  • On the Main Screen, tap the search bar:
  • Enter your destination. Here you can: type an address, select a point on the map, select a favorite location, or pull up an address from your phone's calendar or contacts.
  • Tap the search result you want.
  • Tap in the upper Current location field to change your starting point, if desired.
  • Compare your options using public transport and other modes
  • Tap a trip to see more details:
  • Tap GO to get step-by-step instructions during your trip.


Plan a Trip in Advance

  • In the trip planner, tap Leave Now:
  • Choose between Leave Now or Leave at or Arrive by options.
  • Set the time you would like to leave or arrive.
  • Choose the route that fits your schedule.
  • Tap the bell icon to set up a reminder about this trip.