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Parking Tickets

Information on parking tickets can be found below. Please contact the Clerk’s Office should you have any additional questions.

City of Welland
Clerk’s Office

60 East Main Street
Welland, Ontario
L3B 3X4

Phone: 905-735-1700 Extension 2155
Fax: 905-732-1919 (Attn: Clerk’s Office )

The parking ticket is issued and the person has 15 days to pay the fine.

  • Online: For your convenience, the City of Welland accepts online parking ticket payments using Visa or MasterCard through our online service provider, Paymentus. Please Note: Tickets will be available for online payment two business days after the date of issue.
  • By Mail: (address above)
    Enclose payment in the accompanying return envelope, affix sufficient postage and mail. Please allow sufficient time for payment to be delivered. DO NOT MAIL CASH. When you mail your payment, you assume the consequences if for any reason the payment is not received in our office by the due date.
  • In Person: (address above)
    Payable at Civic Square, Finance Department, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday inclusive (Holidays Excepted).
    Cash, Cheque, Money Order or Debit Card only. OR Use the mail drop box at Civic Square entrance during or after business hours.
  • Remember: Write the number of the parking ticket on the front of your cheque or moneyorder and make payable to: City of Welland
  • Note: Dishonoured cheques will be subject to an administrative charge of $35.

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NOTICE TO ONTARIO MOTORISTS: Failure to pay the fine imposed will result in an order that your Ontario vehicle permit (sticker) not be renewed and that no new permit will be issued to you until all administrative penalties have been paid.


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For online payments, click on icon, at left, to make ticket payments using Visa or MasterCard through our online service provider, Paymentus.

If you wish to challenge a parking ticket under the AMP system, the following steps must be taken.

  1. The parking ticket is issued and the person has 15 days to pay the fine OR
  2. The Registered Owner of the vehicle must complete the Screening Request Form and submit it using one of the following methods within 15 days of the date the ticket was issued. (Only the Registered Owner will be contacted regarding the Screening appointment. Ownership will be verified with the Ministry of Transportation)

    Completed applications can be received by fax; mail; in-person or emailed: AMPS@welland.ca

  3. If the 15 days expires and no application has been made for a screening appointment, and there are satisfactory reasons to issue an extension, such extension request must be submitted to the Screening Officer no later than 45 days after the ticket is issued. On the 46th day after the ticket was issued if no screening request has been made and payment has not been received, a request for plate denial will be sent to the Ministry of Transportation.
  4. A screening process must take place before a hearing can be requested and should be within 30 days of the request.
  5. At the appointment with the Screening Officer, the Screening Officer may affirm the administrative penalty, or may cancel, vary or extend the time for payment. If a resolution cannot be reached at this stage then the person can apply to have the matter heard by an independent Hearing Officer.
  6. The hearing process should take place within 1 week to 2 months depending on the availability of the Hearing Officer. Again, the Hearing Officer can reduce, cancel or confirm the fine amount. The Hearing Officer's decision is final and binding. There is no appeal mechanism and no ability for the person to take the matter to court.
  7. No fee may be charged in relation to obtaining a review before a Screening Officer or a Hearing Officer. However, a fee for Non-appearance ($25 for Screening and $50 for Hearing) and a MTO Search fee might be applied to the penalty.

If you ignore (or do not pay) a parking ticket, a notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle after 15 days. This notice informs the registered owner of the parking ticket and a late payment fee and a fee to access vehicle information through the Ministry of Transportation (currently set at $20.00 & $10 respectively) have been added to the ticket fine. If the registered owner fails to respond to that notice, all fees in default recorded against the licence plate will be sent to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to collect. The vehicle will be denied renewal of the vehicle permit sticker until all fees are paid. Note the MTO will add an administrative fee to each outstanding ticket reported to the vehicle’s plate number.

Please note the following additional fees will be charged under the AMP system:

  • Hearing Non-appearance Fee – $50
  • Screening Non-appearance Fee – $25
  • Late Payment Fee – $20
  • Ministry of Transportation Search Fee – $10
  • Insufficient Funds – $35

For full details as to process, please refer to By-law 2014-64

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 905-735-1700 Extension 2155 or email: AMPS@welland.ca

A person may request a review of the Screening Decision by a Hearings Officer by filing a Request to Review of Hearings Officer form with the City of Welland within 15 days from the Screening Decision date.

Please refer to AMPS – Part VI – Review by Hearings Officer – for full details: by-law 2014-64