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Atlas Landfill Remediation - Welland Vista Park

The City of Welland, Dillon Consulting, and Niagara College are embarking on an exciting year-long project together to create an Atlas Landfill Remediation Concept Plan (ALRCP) for the retired landfill site on Woodlawn Road. Commencing the project in June 2017, the college’s School of Environmental & Horticultural Studies (SEHS) will collaborate with City of Welland staff, and landscape architects from Dillon Consulting to develop the site for public use.

The Atlas Landfill remediation site stands 220 metres above sea level, and towers about 40 metres above its surrounding landscape. The landfill site has nearly reached its operational lifespan; therefore, a detailed plan is necessary to research options, consult with the public, and plan for legislated closure and future land use opportunities.

The former Atlas property has potential to become a unique greenspace for community use once the landfilling is completed. The site offers unimpeded, 360 degree panoramic views of the Welland Canal, Welland River and Niagara Falls.

The process for identifying possible uses for Welland's "lookout park" involves community consultation and selecting mostly passive recreation uses that are compatible with the landform, have universal access and can contribute ecologically to the natural environment in the vicinity. The goal is to make new and lasting connections to the "lookout park" for the community to experience the vistas and enjoy new parkland that goes beyond the current condition of the site.

Picture of Atlas Landfill (Welland Vista Park)

Contact: James O'Neill C.E.T.
Project Manager, Facilities
Phone: (905)735-1700 Ext. 2227
email: james.oneill@welland.ca