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Welland Rose Festival Inc.

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Official Name of ABC: Welland Rose Festival Inc.
Short name of ABC: Rose Festival Board
Purpose: To promote the City of Welland’s official title, Rose City of Canada and to encourage community spirit, community involvement and pride.  To provide the people of the City of Welland, both young and old, with an annual Festival fostering brotherhood and celebration through cultural, competitive and general interest events and activities.  To acquire, buy, lease, operate, maintain and manage lands, buildings, accommodations, facilities, equipment and appliances and to sell or otherwise dispose of the same.  To receive, acquire and hold donations, gifts, devises and bequests.
Mandate/Terms of Reference: Welland Rose Festival Inc. Constitution (approved Sept. 26, 2016; effective Jan. 1, 2017).
Meeting Information: Schedule: One per month; typically the 2nd Monday of the month. 
Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Welland Rose Festival Inc, 30 East Main Street, Welland
Chair: Karen Bless, President
Staff Liaison:
ABC Contact: 905-732-7673, Fax: 905-732-0100, info@wellandrosefestival.on.ca
Members and Term(s):

City of Welland Council Representative: Councillor John Chiocchio (term – Dec. 4, 2018 – Nov. 14, 2022).

Welland Rose Festival Inc. Executive (2016-2017):  President – Karen Bless, 1st Vice President – Mike Raymond, 2nd Vice President – Jeff Ward, Treasurer – Brenda Treppiedi, Secretary – Jo-Ann Wilson.

*Information provided by Welland Rose Festival Inc.  This data sheet not to be used for official verification of members.  For official verification or a complete list of members, please contact the Welland Rose Festival Inc.

Sub Committees:  
Other Unique Data:
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Date Last Revised: January 9, 2019