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Application Forms

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

Official Name of Committee: Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
Short name of Committee: AHAC

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee shall be to identify and advise on affordable housing matters including conducting research and providing advise to Council regarding affordable housing policies, proposals, and affordable housing matters that are from time to time referred to the committee by Council.

Mandate/Terms of Reference: Affordable Housing Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference (Feb 1, 2022).
Meeting Information: Schedule: First (1st) Thursday of each month
Meeting Time: Usually 1:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: TBD
Chair: TBD
Staff Liaison: Grant Munday
Committee Contact:TBD

Councillors Moote and Van Vliet
Paul Turner (Task Force), Anthony Gatti (Task Force), Susan Mifsud, Ian Masse, Sherry Visser-Fleming, Leslie Bellingham and Marco Magazzeni for the term April 12, 2022 to November 14, 2026

Sub Committees: TBD
Other Unique Data:
(member composition/ representation, etc.)
Date Last Revised: June 15, 2022