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Title Welland Transit
Welland Transit Trans-Cab service is provided for areas of the city not served by regular transit buses - Daimler and St. Lawrence (north of Quaker Road) in the city's north end, Cooks Mills in the east end, and Dain City/Vaughan Rd. in the south end.

Trans-Cab allows you to book your trip in advance, be picked up at your door by taxi and connect you with regular Welland Transit buses headed for downtown - all for only $1.25 more than the regular bus fare!

How To Trans-Cab To Downtown

  1. Check the map.  If you live within a Trans-Cab area, call 905-735-4500 at least one hour before you'd like to meet the bus. To book trips from Cooks Mills and Dain City, contact Trans-Cab to ensure you are within the service area.
  2. A taxi will pick you up at your door no later than five minutes before you have to be at the transfer point to meet the bus.  The fare will be $1.25 above the regular fare. If utilizing more than 1 Trans-cab zone, an additional $1.25 will be required.
  3. The taxi will take you to the bus. Trans-Cab connection points are marked with the Trans-Cab symbol.

How To Trans-Cab From Downtown

When you board the bus, simply ask your Bus Operator to contact the Trans-Cab for the following routes:

  • Route 501 (Webber Rd.)
  • Routes 505, 511 (Cooks Mills)
  • Routes 501, 506, 511 (Dain City)
  • Routes 502, 503, 508 & 510 (Quaker Road)
  • Routes 508, 509, & 510 (Seaway)