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Road Occupancy Permit

Any person that organizes a Social Event or undertakes work within the City of Welland right-of-way must obtain a Road Occupancy Permit

This would include the following but not limited to:

  • Street Parties
  • Road Closures
  • Placement of material within right-of-way (signs, banners, construction material, etc.)
  • Use of roadway for oversized of heavy loads
  • Widening of driveways, new driveways, or landscaping within right-of-way
  • Any use of City roads, streets and sidewalks for parade routes, walkathons, competitive races and other social, recreational, community, commercial or athletic activities.

It should also be noted, that pending on the roadway to be utilized, a permit from the Region of Niagara may also be required.

The following requirements must be met prior to a permit being issued.

  • The City fee for the Road Occupancy Permit is $150.00.
  • Liability Insurance
    $1 Million - Processions Using Sidewalks Only;
    $2 Million - Major Parades, Dances, Street Festivities, Athletic Races, Marches, Walkathons, Filming and Sidewalk Sales;
    $5 Million - Construction or placement of materials upon a highway.
  • Damage Deposit were applicable
  • Banner/Decorative Plant  installations (pole installations)

    Only banners that are designed to mitigate wind force damage will be permitted to be installed

    Any damages incurred to poles, lights, electrical system or to the public, will be the full responsibility of the permit holder

    Installation of the banners and decorative planters are the responsibility of the permit holder and the permit holder is to ensure that the banners and planters are properly secured

    Installers must be ESA certified.

  • Costs associated with temporary road/lane closures are the responsibility of the permit holder
  • The City of Welland holds the right to revoke any permit
  • Applicants must notify Public Works staff 24 hours prior to starting work, within the right-of-way (905) 735-1700 ext. 3000
  • All construction within the right-of-way must comply with municipal standards.

Further information is available under Section 8.1 of the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 89-2000.