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Restaurant Outdoor Patio


Sidewalk and Parking Spot Patio

In December of 2018, City of Welland Council approved a Sidewalk and Parking Spot Patio program. The Sidewalk and Parking Spot Patios support the creation of vibrant, pedestrian-oriented streets, while providing expanded opportunities for restauranteurs to serve their customers.

The following is a summary of the recommended criteria / guidelines under which On-Street Patios would be permitted in the City:

  1. Patios, would generally mean passive seating areas and spaces which may include landscaping materials for beautification of the space;
  2. Written endorsement by the BIA is required in a form satisfactory to the City;
  3. On-Street Patios shall be permitted only in legal on-street parking areas (i.e. time limited parking spaces, or unrestricted parking spaces) and will not be allowed in areas where parking / stopping is prohibited for traffic movement / public safety (i.e. in through traffic lanes, bike lanes, accessible parking stalls etc.);
  4. An applicant must provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance ($5 M) coverage endorsed to include the City as additional insured;
  5. The On-Street Patio shall comply with all requirements of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA); and,
  6. To ensure that public safety is maintained, applications for On-Street Patios would be reviewed through the City’s current Road Occupancy Permit.

The complete guidelines can be found here.

The proposed sidewalk and parking spot guidelines do not apply to private property and are intended to establish a series of guidelines and technical performance standards to encourage patios on sidewalks provided adequate sidewalk width is available. These guidelines address a number of key issues such as aesthetics, accessibility, and setback considerations.

To apply for a Sidewalk and/ or parking spot patio please submit a Road Occupancy Permit to the Traffic and Parking Department.

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID19 situation, the Road Occupancy Permit Fee has been waived by City Council for sidewalk and parking spot patios for the 2020 calendar year.

Contact Information:
905-735-1700 extension 2224

New or Expanded Outdoor Patios on Private Property

The following is a summary of the process under which expanded Outdoor Patios would be permitted in the City:

  1. Applicant to submit a site plan to the City Planning Division showing the following information:
    1. the boundaries and dimensions of the subject land;
    2. the approximate location of all natural and artificial features on the subject land and on adjacent lands that, in the opinion of the applicant, may affect the Application. (i.e. buildings, railways, roads, watercourses, drainage ditches, river/stream banks, wetlands, wooded areas, wells, septic tanks etc.);
    3. the location, width and name of any roads, unopened road allowances, private road or right-of-way which are within or abut the subject lands;
    4. the location and nature of any easements and fire routes affecting the subject land;
    5. location, size, type and use of any existing buildings or structures on the subject land, including the distance of the buildings or structures from the front, rear and side lot lines;
    6. the location, size, type of the proposed patio including setbacks to lot lines and the existing building
  2. Staff will review the Plan for Zoning Compliance and Building and Fire Code Compliance.
  3. Staff will get back to the Applicant if the proposal complies with relevant regulations and if not provide options for compliance. In instances, where the Patio will take up required parking spaces, the Applicant will be given an option to enter into a short agreement to allow for temporary cash in lieu of parking spaces.
  4. Staff will issue a site plan exemption where applicable.
  5. Staff will issue a written approval with any conditions of approval if applicable.

To apply for a new or expanded outdoor patio on private property please submit an email requesting approval for your proposal and a copy of the above noted site plan to the Planning Division at devserv@welland.ca

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID19 situation, the Site Plan Exemption Fee and Cash in Lieu of Parking Fee has been waived by City Council for new or expanded outdoor patios for the 2020 calendar year.

Contact Information:
905-735-1700 extension 2240