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Road Closures / Construction Projects

Construction project’s activity and road closures can be found on this page.
Road Closures:

This is to notify residents of a road closure on Afton Avenue between Lincoln Street and Lewis Street on December 14, 2018 from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Emergency Services will have access. Local Traffic will have access within the limits of the closure.

For any questions regarding the above, please contact Habitat for Humanity – Craig Brown at (905) 981-1481

Road detour Afton avenue

This is to notify the public of a road closure of the Forks Road Bridge. This closure is require for public safety. The bridge will be closed November 2, 2018 and remain closed until further notice. The bridge will remain open to pedestrian traffic only at all times. EMERGENGY SERVICES WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS. The detour will utilize Highway 58, Highway 58A and Canal Bank Street. For more details, read the media release.

For any questions regarding the above please contact Mark Slade at 905 735 1700 ex 2212. Traffic and Parking Operations

Road detour Forks Road

This is a public notice of a ROAD CLOSURE on Fitch Street from First Avenue to Shotwell Street. This closure is required for Municipal Service Improvements. The project will start September 24th, 2018 and is anticipated to be completed June 2019.

Detour will include the following roadways; First Avenue, Laughlin Avenue, Edgar Street, and Church Street.

For any questions regarding the above please contact Louis Condotta at (905) 684-1447.

Road detour Fitch Street

This is to notify residents of a road closure of Aqueduct Street from Hilda Street to Thorold Road. The road closure is for Municipal Services Improvement on Aqueduct Street. The closure will be in effect from July 30, 2018 to December 15, 2018. Emergency Services and residents of Aqueduct Street will have access.

The detour route will utilize Thorold Road, Hilda Street, Gadsby Avenue and Niagara Street.

For any questions regarding the above please contact Mat Main at (905) 735-1700 x 2217.

Road closure map Aqueduct

Construction Activity for Municipal Subdivisions and Niagara Region Projects:

50% Complete
Location/Description: To install inside servicing in subdivision and servicing on Memorial Park Drive.
Activity: Base Roadways complete. Building permits have been issued.Silvergate Homes building. Memorial Park Drive complete with the exception of top asphalt tentatively scheduled for 2020.

25% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new subdivision off Clare Avenue near Fitch Street Phases 1-4
Activity: Internal roads base asphalt for phase 1, 2 & 3 are being issued. Building permits have been obtained. Houses being built.

50% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new subdivision off North Valley Drive near the intersection of Vanjo Dr and Clare Ave
Activity: Roadway complete subdivision registered. Building permits available. Building on going.

50% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new subdivision bounded by Webber Road, South Pelham Road and Gaiser Road
Activity: Phases 3-6 complete. Building permits are now available.

95% Complete
Location/Description: Project included sidewalk repairs identified during sidewalk inspections and two new sections of sidewalk on Coventry Road and Regatta Drive.
Activity: Construction of the new sidewalk on Coventry and Regatta complete. Concrete for spot repairs complete, Asphalt and Landscaping ongoing.

0% Complete
Location/Description: North West corner of Webber Road and South Pelham Road
Activity: Property has been sold by Silvestri Investments to Capital Homes.

90% Complete
Location/Description: Existing watermain to be replaced on the following Streets: Dieppe Street from Coventry Road to Southworth Street North, Roosevelt Avenue from Dieppe Street to Simpson Avenue, Gatfield Avenue from Coventry Road to Southworth Street North
Activity: Watermain and servicing completed on Roosevelt, Dieppe, and Gatfield. Road restoration completed on Roosevelt, Dieppe and Gatfield. Sidewalk, curb & Driveway aprons 99% complete. Final landscape restoration has commenced, sod is not anticipated until Spring 2019.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained at all times.

85% Complete
Location/Description: New watermain, storm sewer and road work on Aqueduct Street from Thorold Road to Niagara Street
Activity: Watermain & servicing completed. Curb & sidewalk complete. Road base asphalt completed. Boulevard restoration and driveway apron preparation ongoing. Driveway asphalt anticipated Dec 12th, 2018. Final Sod restoration will be Spring 2019.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained at all times.

15% Complete
Location/Description: 40 McCabe St former recreational centre. Bounded by McCabe and Bradley
Activity: Primary Servicing complete. Base roads for McCabe and Bradley complete.

Location/Description: North East Corner of South Pelham Road and Webber Road. New Seniors care facility and row of townhouses on site.
Activity: First submission for approval.

50% Complete
Location/Description: Phase 1 of Memorial Park redevelopment. Current work, scheduled for fall 2018, will include the draining and filling of the existing pond along with site grading and the creation of a drainage swale. The work will also include the creation of a ground rink for winter skating.

45% Complete
Location/Description: Reconstruction of Fitch St. from 1st Ave to Shotwell St., Somerville Ave., Merritt St. from Somerville Ave. to Shotwell St.
Activity: Sanitary, Storm & Watermain completed on Fitch St. from Shotwell St. to First Ave. Watermain servicing anticipated to be completed this week with the final Watermain tie in on Dec 12th, 2018. Asphalt, Concrete and Sod restoration anticipated Spring 2019.
Traffic /Service Disruption: Road is closed, Contractor will try to maintain one lane of traffic as much as possible.

85% Complete
Location/Description: Reinstate various utility cut locations City wide
Activity: Concrete restoration completed, 95% of sod/landscaping restoration completed. Asphalt restoration completed. Remaining sod/landscaping will be completed Spring 2019.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained at all times

0% Complete
Location/Description: Installation of a modular prefabricated Booster Pump Station adjacent to Hunters Pointe Golf Club.
Activity: Tender's have been received and are currently under review.