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Road Closures / Construction Projects

Construction project’s activity and road closures can be found on this page.
Road Closures:

This is to notify the public of a road closure of the Forks Road Bridge. This closure is require for public safety. The bridge will be closed November 2, 2018 and remain closed until further notice. The bridge will remain open to pedestrian traffic only at all times. EMERGENGY SERVICES WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS. The detour will utilize Highway 58, Highway 58A and Canal Bank Street. For more details, read the media release.

For any questions regarding the above please contact Mark Slade at 905 735 1700 ex 2212. Traffic and Parking Operations

Road detour Forks Road

Construction Activity for Municipal Subdivisions and Niagara Region Projects:

65% Complete
Location/Description: To install inside servicing in subdivision and servicing on Memorial Park Drive.
Activity: Base Roadways complete. Building permits have been issued.Silvergate Homes building. Memorial Park Drive complete with the exception of top asphalt tentatively scheduled for 2020.

65% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new subdivision off Clare Avenue near Fitch Street Phases 1-4
Activity: Internal roads base asphalt for phase 1, 2 & 3 are complete. Building permits have been obtained. Houses being built.

75% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new subdivision off North Valley Drive near the intersection of Vanjo Dr and Clare Ave
Activity: Roadway complete subdivision registered. Building permits available. Building on going.

75% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new subdivision bounded by Webber Road, South Pelham Road and Gaiser Road
Activity: Phases 3-6 complete. Building permits are now available. Building in progress.

10% Complete
Location/Description: North West corner of Webber Road and South Pelham Road
Activity: Property has been sold by Silvestri Investments to Capital Homes.

75% Complete
Location/Description: 40 McCabe St former recreational centre. Bounded by McCabe and Bradley
Activity: Primary Servicing complete. Base roads for McCabe and Bradley complete. Building on-going.

40% Complete
Location/Description: North East Corner of South Pelham Road and Webber Road. New Seniors care facility and row of townhouses on site.
Activity: Storm infrastructure adjacent to Webber Rd. installed and backfilled.

90% Complete
Location/Description: Phase 1 of Memorial Park redevelopment. Current work, scheduled for fall 2018, will include the draining and filling of the existing pond along with site grading and the creation of a drainage swale. The work will also include the creation of a ground rink for winter skating.
Activity: Grading for memorial park is 90% complete. Top soil & seeding will commence in the spring time after the fill has been left to settle over the winter. Ice rink grading completed, final grade and seeding spring 2020.

97% Complete
Location/Description: Reconstruction of Fitch St. from 1st Ave to Shotwell St., Somerville Ave., Merritt St. from Somerville Ave. to Shotwell St.
Activity:Project completed. Minor deficiencies and fence installation at Lawn Bowling club to be completed in 2020.
Traffic /Service Disruption: Road is closed, Contractor will try to maintain one lane of traffic as much as possible. Note that paving activities scheduled for this week and full road closure with no access may be required.

90% Complete
Location/Description: Installation of a modular prefabricated Booster Pump Station adjacent to Hunters Pointe Golf Club.
Activity: Pump station completed, commissioning of pump station ongoing. Pump station currently in operation and being tested, commissioning completion expected by end of March 2020.

55% Complete
Location/Description: Reconstruction of Church St. from Niagara St. to Chippawa Park, Fell St. from Merritt St. to Church St., Highland Gardens from East Limit to Chippawa Park, Shotwell St. from Fitch St. to Church St., Elgin St. from Niagara St. to Shotwell St. and Merritt St. from Niagara St. to Fell St.
Activity: Work currently on Fell St. large box culvert installation and watermain/sewer on Highland Gardens. Church St. (East of Fell to Niagara), Elgin St., Shotwell St., and Merritt St. have all underground completed, curb completed and road paved. Final restoration of this area anticipated in Spring of 2020.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained at all times.

90% Complete
Location/Description: Reconstruction of Pine Street from Niagara Street to Aqueduct Street.
Activity: Underground work completed, concrete work completed, road asphalt completed. Landscaping and driveway final restoration to be completed Spring 2020.
Traffic /Service Disruption: Road is closed, Contractor will try to maintain one lane of traffic as much as possible.

97% Complete
Location/Description: Additional Roads approved by council for Road Resurfacing/Reconstruction. See road list below:
- McNaughton Rd Reconstruction
- Nelles Rd Reconstruction
- Nelles Crt Top Asphalt
- Bishop, McNaughton, Churchill & Nelles Top Asphalt
- Susan St Reconstruction
- Stefanie Cres Reconstruction
- Pinehurst Dr Reconstruction
- Shaw St Reconstruction
- Robert St Reconstruction
- Westwood Cres Reconstruction
- Dorothy Rd, Evan St, Margery Rd & River Road Top Asphalt
Activity: Dorothy, Evan, Margery River Rd. - Completed
McNaughton Rd - Completed
Nelles Rd - Completed
Stefanie Cres - Completed
Pinehurst Dr - Completed
Robert St. - Completed
Bishop, McNaughton, Nelles, Churchill - Completed
Westwood - Completed (Sod restoration Spring 2020)
Susan St - Completed (Sod restoration Spring 2020)
Traffic /Service Disruption: Roads are closed, Contractor will try to maintain one lane of traffic as much as possible.

0% Complete
Location/Description: Watermain replacement & new sidewalk installation on Woodlawn Rd between South Pelham Rd. and Clare Ave. New storm collection system will be installed in place of existing ditch system.
Activity: Contractor plans to mobilize to site next week or the week after.

85% Complete
Location/Description: Removal of pedestrian bridge on West side of the Aqueduct near Cross St.
Activity: Pedestrian Bridge has been removed. Additional permanent fencing still to be installed.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained, minor periods of full road closure may be required.

60% Complete
Location/Description: Servicing for new development off of McCabe
Activity: Servicing complete, road base commenced. Watermain testing and tie in completed.

10% Complete
Location/Description: New Subdivison south of Forks Road at the East end of Forks.
Activity: design stage - land clearing

0% Complete
Location/Description: Various locations across City
Activity: Tender closed, being taken forward for Council approval.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained at all times.

0% Complete
Location/Description: Road Patching on Quaker Road
Activity: Tender closed, being taken forward for Council approval.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane of traffic to be maintained at all times.

10% Complete
Location/Description: Phase two of the roof replacement on the main public works building.
Activity: Currently working on the cold storage side of the roof project.

15% Complete
Location/Description: Design Build Contract for a new Fire hall Headquarters on the old Atlas lands off East Main St. Project incorporates land cleanup, design and build of new fire hall and training center.
Activity: Site remediation currently ongoing. Currently wrapping up concrete removals. Design meetings ongoing.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One Lane to be maintained at all time

0% Complete
Location/Description: New Splash pad installation at Maple Park
Activity: Anticipated to begin Spring 2020 and completion by Summer 2020, preconstruction tentatively scheduled next week.
Traffic /Service Disruption: One lane to be kept open at all times