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Special Events

The Corporation of the City of Welland is committed to assisting event organizers in providing a successful event.
S.E.A.R.T. is the acronym for the Special Events Application Review Team. A team comprised of City staff representing various municipal divisions and various stakeholders that facilitate and support outdoor events taking place on City property and, in some cases, events on private property that have a significant impact on City services. S.E.A.R.T. ensures that these events have all of the necessary permits, permissions and insurance in place to ensure that the event is healthy and safe for the organizers, participants, the corporation and other citizens.

All events must have their special event requirements within their permits submitted to the City of Welland 30 days prior to the event date.

If your event has any of the following criteria, you must submit a Special Event application;
  1. You wish to hold your event on any portion of outdoor property owned by the City of Welland. This includes:
    • Roads/road allowances (street festivals, parades and races)
    • Parks and parkettes (festivals, sport events, neighbourhood committee events)
    • Parking lots (trunk sales)
    • Walkways, pathways and trails (walkathons)
    • Waterway (regattas, watersport)
    • Open spaces
    And the event includes any of the following:
    • Food being given or sold to the general public at an event open to the public
    • Alcohol
    • Fireworks
    • Sound amplification
    • The use of electricity
    • Tents requiring a building permit.
      • A tent greater than 60m2 (645 ft. 2)
      • A group of tents is greater than 60m2 in aggregate area.
      • A tent is less than 60m2 but closer than 3m to another tent requiring a permit.
    • Projected attendance of over 500 people

  2. A S.E.A.R.T. representative requests you to do so because your event significantly affects City services. Affected services can include Police, Emergency Services, Road Operations, and/or Waste Management.

Special Event Application

Please complete a Special Event Application (SEA) Form.
Applications can also be picked up at the Welland Community Wellness Complex.

Ensure that the information you are providing is, to the best of your ability, accurate in order for the City to properly facilitate and support your event. The main contact on the application must legally be able to act / speak on behalf of the organization applying. Please make it a habit to check your e-mail and phone messages regularly as S.E.A.R.T. frequently uses e-mail to communicate. Outdoor events must be accompanied by a detailed site plan.

Completing your Special Event application is only the first step in the S.E.A.R.T. application process. When you submit an application, S.E.A.R.T;

  1. informs all of the affected City divisions about your proposed event;
  2. makes sure that all health and safety guidelines are met;
  3. makes sure that all necessary permits, permissions, insurance and approvals are secured;
  4. ensures that there are no scheduling conflicts with other events or activities;
  5. ensures that City services are not negatively impacted as a result of your event.

Fire Safety Plan

In addition, we require a Special Event Fire Safety Plan. For your convenience, please find attached a Special Event Fire Safety Plan template.

Please submit your request to use the waterway and waterway related equipment by completing the Waterway Event Request Form. Once the season master scheduling is complete, you will receive confirmation.

Special Event applications are received and reviewed centrally by the Facility Scheduling Clerk in Recreation and Culture Division.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Special Event Application Review Team (SEART). Event organizers are then advised of the specific requirements for their event. You may be invited to attend a SEART meeting for a discussion. If required, the Facility Schedule Clerk will contact you.

If you require use of city equipment, please complete the Equipment Request Form.

To request the use of the Showmobile, please complete the Equipment Application Form and return it to the Facility Scheduling Clerk at the Welland Community Wellness Complex. If available and approved, a permit will be issued and payment is due immediately.

The Showmobile needs to be plugged into a 50 amp twist lock outlet (3 prong). If the site is not equipped with a 3 prong, then the use of a generator will be required.

The use of additional equipment, such as a portable generator or p.a. equipment, is available at an extra charge. A different electrical service, such as a portable generator, is required when the Showmobile is used in conjunction with a band. Bands shall not under any circumstances use the Showmobile electrical system. The permit holder shall be responsible for any damage done to the electrical system in the event of use.

The Permit Holder must provide Liability Insurance naming the City of Welland as Additional Insured in the amount of $5 million. There must be security monitoring the Showmobile unit at all times. The permit holder is responsible for any and all damages incurred to the Showmobile during the time of delivery and pick up.

A representative shall be present at both the delivery and pick up, and if necessary assist staff in the placing of the unit on location at site.

If you require road use/closures, please complete a Road Occupancy Permit (ROP). This must be provided to the City 1 month prior to your event. An ROP will not be processed until a certificate of insurance and payment is received

For fireworks, please complete a Display Firework Application. For Safety Tips and Bylaw Information; please go to: Fire/FireNotices.asp. To obtain a Display Firework Application, please contact the Fire Department directly.

Alcohol consumption?
Events serving alcohol require a Special Occasions Permit (“SOP”), please refer to AGCO requirements.

All Special Occasion Permit (SOP/consumption of alcohol) functions must abide by the municipal alcohol procedures. The following documents must be provided one month prior to your event.

  • Special Occasions Permit (liquor licence)
  • Liability Insurance naming the City of Welland as Additional Insured in the amount of $5,000,000
  • SMART SERVE certification

Fire Departments Guidelines

The AGCO will require letters of approval (also known as compliance letters) from various municipal agencies. The Fire Department created a guideline to assist organizers in writing their request to the Fire Protection Officer. Fire Guidelines for Special Occasion Permits

2018 was the final year for waiving of fees, as per the amendments to the Grants and Special Assistance Policy. For more information on the Grants and Special Assistance Policy, please go to: www.welland.ca/Bylaws/Policies/FIN-001-0007.pdf. The application, which identifies the submission deadline of September 30th, can be found at www.welland.ca/Finance/pdf/GrantApplication.pdf.

Liability Insurance naming the City of Welland as additional insured in the amount of $5 million must be provided.

Please provide the food vendor company name. All food vendors must be able to provide a valid City of Welland Business Licence. If your chosen vendor does not have one, direct them to contact the By-law Enforcement Officer in the Infrastructure & Development Services Division; and they will walk them through the process.

In this process, you will be required to pay for your fire inspection and provided with a document outlining the criteria.

Fire Departments Food Truck Checklist


To have your event included on the city’s Calendar of Events & Civic Square Lobby Information E-boards please forward event details in a JPG or PDF poster format. Plus a brief description of the event within the email to webmaster@welland.ca. Please note that events must be hosted in Welland and hosted by a non-profit organization. Events will be added to the city’s Calendar of Events & Civic Square Lobby Information E-boards at the full discretion of city staff.

picture of Rose Festival

picture of Float Fest