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Site Plan Control


Submission Requirements:

Rev. January 1, 2017

The Applicant is required to provide appropriate answers to all questions on the application form. It should be noted that if all of the information is not provided, the application shall not be circulated for review. The completed application should be submitted together with the required fee and the following:

  1. Ten (10) copies of all development plans based upon an actual survey of the property by an Ontario Land Surveyor, bound in rolled sets. The development plans will consist of the following:
    • Title Sheet
    • General Site Plan
    • Landscape Plan
    • Building Elevations
    • Site Servicing/Grading Plan(s)
    • Existing Conditions Plan
    NOTE: All development plans must be drawn to a useable metric scale (i.e. 1:100, 1:300, 1:500). Sheet sizes should not exceed an ANSI "D" size (i.e. 24" x 36" ). Depending upon the scope of the requested Site Plan, fewer or more copies of the plan may be required. Please contact the Site Plan Co-Ordinator for advice.
  2. A Registered Deed, including a full legal description of the subject lands, must be provided. As well, a copy of the current parcel register "PIN Sheet" from the Registry Office is required.
  3. The name(s) and title(s) of the person(s) who will be signing the Site Plan Control Agreement (authority to bind the Corporation).
  4. All Applicants are strongly urged to discuss the preliminary proposal with Municipal Staff as well as consult with affected provincial Ministries and agencies prior to any formal submission. Attached, please find a list of some of these public bodies and the contact person.
  5. The Application fees (both City and Region) must accompany the Application.  Separate cheques should be made payable to the City of Welland and the Regional Municipality of Niagara.  All cheques should be forwarded to the City with the Application.  The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) Plan Review Fee, if required.  City Staff will screen the Application and advise if the NPCA fee is applicable.  The NPCA fee schedules are attached.
  6. All projects shall submit an electronic version of the required development plans in AutoCAD .DWG format Version 14 or higher, with the following spatial characteristics:

    Map Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator
    Horizontal Datum: NAD83 Zone 17 North
    Horizontal Units: Metres

    The graphics in the drawing must be geographically positioned to 3rd order accuracy.  The City’s horizontal control network (UTM NAD83) may be used as a control reference and can be accessed on the City of Welland Internet Map Server at the following web address: http://gis.welland.ca/wims/login.asp

    Please email the electronic information to devserv@welland.ca indicating the name of the Applicant.

City of Welland
60 East Main Street, Welland, Ontario L3B 3X4

  • Infrastructure and Development Services
    • Planning Division: Michael Horsley, Ext. 2243 or
      Christopher Mazzuca, Ext. 2255
    • Engineering Division: Scott Richardson, Ext. 2222
    • Traffic Division: Ali Khan, Ext. 2202

City of Welland
99 Federal Road, Welland, Ontario L3B 3P2

  • Infrastructure and Development Services
    • Public Works Division: Jerry Boc, Ext. 3003

Welland Fire Department
636 King Street, Welland, Ontario L3B 3L1

  • Fire and Emergency Services Brian Kennedy

Regional Municipality of Niagara
P.O. Box 1042, 1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, Campbell West, Thorold, Ontario L2V 4T7

  • Planning and Development Services
    • Planning: Craig Rohe Ext. 3442
    • Engineering: Susan Dunsmore Ext. 3661

Ministry of Natural Resources
Niagara Area Office
4890 Victoria Avenue North, PO Box 5000, Vineland Station, Ontario L0R 2E0

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
250 Thorold Road, 3rd Floor, Welland, Ontario L3C 3W3

  • David Deluce, Ext. 224

Ministry of the Environment
West-Central Region, Technical Support Section, Air, Pesticides & Environmental Planning
12th Floor, 119 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4Y7

  • Barbara Slattery

Ministry of Transportation
Corridor Management Officer
7th Floor, 1201 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M3M 1J8

  • Paul Nunes

N.B. This list is not comprehensive.