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Planning Application Fees and Development Charges

Application Fees:

Effective January 1, 2022


Source: The Corporation of the City of Welland By-law No. 2006-193, as amended

Municipality to establish rates effective January 1, 2022; and to repeal By-laws 2020-131 and 2020-148.

Passed by Welland Council - November 16, 2021.

Development Charges:

January 2018

1) Introduction

In November, 1989, the Development Charges Act S.0., 1989 became law. As a result of the new Act, municipalities were presented with the choice of not imposing lot levies on new development after November 23, 1991 or alternatively developing new lot levies or Development Charges, as such charges are now called.

In 1997, the Provincial Government enacted a new Development Charges Act which required municipalities to prepare Development Charge By-laws based upon Background Studies every five years.

The City of Welland engaged BMA Management Consulting Inc. to prepare the Development Charge Background Study for the new Development Charge By-law.

2) Purpose Of The Development Charges

The purpose for which various Charges have been imposed is to help offset increases in capital costs which fall to the City of Welland as a result of new growth in the City. Specifically, the City will collect Development Charges relative to increased capital costs involved with the provision of:

  1. Studies;
  2. Parks & Recreation;
  3. Library;
  4. Transit;
  5. Fire Protection;
  6. Roads;
  7. Water;
  8. Wastewater; and
  9. Storm Water.

The City of Welland will also collect Development Charges on behalf of the Welland Public Library for library materials and equipment.

3) Other Information

a) When Is A Development Charge Imposed?

A Development Charge on new residential development will be imposed by the City of Welland when the development of land will increase the need for service and where the development requires approvals with respect to zoning, minor variance, conveyance of land, subdivision approval, condominium approval, consent for servicing development or the issuing of a Building Permit. Unlike in the past, the City now imposes Development Charge for Non-Residential Development, with the exception of Industrial development.

b) When Are The Development Charges Payable?

Development Charges will be collected immediately prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.

c) Treasurer's Statement

On or before June 1st of each year, the City Treasurer is required to produce a Statement with respect to Development Charges collected by the City of Welland.

The Statement must report upon the opening and closing balances of the reserve funds into which the Development Charges collected are deposited. The Statement must also report upon all transactions relating to the reserve funds.

In addition, the Statement will set out:

  1. a description of each service for which a Charge is collected;
  2. the credits, if any, which are outstanding for any service (including the opening and closing balances of such credits);
  3. the amount of funds borrowed, if any, from each reserve fund and the purpose for which the borrowed funds were used;
  4. the amount of interest owed to the reserve funds for funds borrowed from same;
  5. the amount and source of City funds used to repay and money borrowed from any reserve fund;
  6. a list of projects which Development Charges have been expended including the total project cost and the Development Charges fund contribution to the project.

The Statement, once received by Council, will be available from the Office of the City Clerk.

4) Schedule Of Charges

The following tables summarize the various Development Charges imposed by City of Welland By-law 2019-83, as amended. (see pdf below)







Please note:
the City Development Charges have been established in accordance to By-laws

and will commence on September 1, 2022.

Regional Development Charges

Any permits issued on or after September 1, 2022 will be subject to the current bylaw unless specified otherwise in the Development Charges Act.