Hiking and Cycling

The City of Welland strives to be a community where safe, well-maintained trails are accessible, connected, and convenient for users of all ages and abilities. The variety of our on- and off-road trails provides recreation and transportation choices for residents and visitors alike, enhancing access to public spaces and quality of life.

Cycling is becoming an even more trail-friendly experience in Welland now that bilingual signage has been added to the Greater Niagara Circle Route. To enhance the cycling experience, Welland Canal Parkway Trail signs guide cyclists, keeping them on the cycling path.

Manual bike pumps are installed along the trail to encourage cyclists to take advantage of the Welland Canal. The pumps are located at the PenFinancial Flatwater Community Centre, Merritt Island, and the Welland International Flatwater Centre; a pump equipped with a toolkit can be found at the Welland Community Centre. For information on cycling maps, places to see, and cycling adventures, visit the Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre website.

The City’s hiking and cycling trails have become a venue of choice for triathlons. The Rose City Triathlon attracts competitors from Niagara and beyond. Many competitive athletes use the City’s trails to train for cycling and running competitions.

Hiking and cycling on Merritt Island

Outdoor enthusiasts marvel at the beauty and serenity of Merritt Island — a natural paradise located steps from downtown, between the Welland recreational canal and the Welland River. Visitors and residents can enjoy walking, hiking, cycling, rollerblading, or simply picnicking in the park.

Greater Niagara Circle Route

Visit the Cycling, Walking, and Hiking in Niagara website for more information on the region’s scenic trails.