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392 Enterprise Drive

Streets > Enterprise Drive > 392 Enterprise Drive


Page Last Modified: 3/18/2019 12:47:50 AM

Address: 392 Enterprise Drive

Assessment Roll Number: 271905000113830

Parcel ID: 22556

Road Jurisdiction: City of Welland
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Legal Description: PLAN 59M342 LOT 9

Zoning: GEC
       Zoning Document
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Old Zoning: I1-X4 (C) (Bylaw 1538)
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Official Plan: Gateway Economic Centre
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Planning District: District 9

Area (calculated): 7657.28 (square metres) / 1.89 (acres)

Ward: 5

Councillors: Claudette Richard - 905-736-1911
Graham Speck - 905-714-6034

Garbage Collection: Click here to check your garbage collection day

Latitude/Longitude: 42.98/-79.2


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