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Ontario Drinking Water Standards Information
INFORMATION FOR RESIDENTS REGARDING ONTARIO DRINKING WATER STANDARDS As part of the ongoing efforts to ensure safe and high quality drinking water, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has amended the Safe Drinking Water Act - O. Reg. 170/03 - requiring community-wide testing for lead in municipal drinking water systems. Want your water tested? As a result of the new MOE requirement, the City of Welland is asking residents who feel they may have lead in their drinking water to contact the City of Welland - Public Works Division (Water Quality) at (905) 735-1700 ext. 3000 to book an appointment to have your water analyzed. Once an appointment has been made, a MOE licensed water quality analyst will be dispatched to your home or business to collect samples from the point where water is used for human consumption - typically the kitchen tap. How would I know if I may have lead in my water? When water leaves the Niagara Region water treatment plants, lead concentrations are well below the Ontario Drinking Water Standards. Lead can enter your drinking water from lead water service lines, lead plumbing, or from solder containing lead. Older homes, those built prior to the mid 1950's, may have some lead plumbing and may be serviced by lead water service lines. In 1989, the Ontario Building Code was amended to ban the installation of water plumbing piping, fittings, and fixtures made of materials containing more than 8% lead. Homes built prior to mid to late 1980's may contain plumbing connected with a lead based solder. According to the Niagara Region Public Health Department, pregnant women and children under the age of six are most at risk of experiencing adverse health effects from long-term exposure to lead. Thank you! Thank you to all residents that have participated in the first three rounds of lead testing. In order to ensure you are not being exposed to higher than acceptable levels of lead, your continued involvement in our sampling program is valued.

LEAD AND SPLIT (WATER) SERVICE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM The City of Welland is offering a Grant Program to Homeowners with a lead water service pipe or sharing a water service with a neighbour. A funding allocation to a maximum of $750 is available to assist the Homeowner with the improvements. For further information concerning the Program, call 905-735-1700 ext 2248 during regular business hours (8:30am - 4:30pm) or visit the City of Welland website http://www.welland.ca/Building/LASSR.asp.