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Sidewalk Program


Phase 1-Inspection

Sidewalk Inspection

picture of scooterEach year City staff carry out a complete assessment of sidewalks in search of defects and hazards to ensure compliance with Provincial Maintenance Standards. These defects and hazards are recorded on a map using a GPS enabled tablet & the inspector will mark deficiencies with florescent paint to make them visible to pedestrians. A maintenance crew will be sent to the necessary location to complete the repairs required to comply with minimum maintenance standards. While you’re out and about, keep an eye out for our inspector and inspection vehicle!

Sidewalk Encroachments

As part of the City’s efforts to make sidewalks safer, and to meet new requirements put in place by the Province in 2018, sidewalks will be inspected for encroachments. The Province defines an encroachment as any object that lies within 45cm OR 0.45m of the sidewalks edge that was not placed, installed, constructed or planted by the City. As part of the City’s annual sidewalk inspection, the inspector will identify encroachments that are potentially hazardous to pedestrians. As a result, home owners will be given a notice and asked to remove encroachments that are potentially dangerous. Examples of hazardous encroachments are shown below.

picture 1 sidewalk encroachment
Garden wall encroaching directly over the sidewalk edge.
picture 2 sidewalk encroachment
Metal fencing with sharp ends within 45cm OR 0.45m of the sidewalk edge.
picture 3 sidewalk encroachment
Vegetation blocking the path of pedestrians using the sidewalk.
picture 4 sidewalk encroachment
Wooden fence with metal wires within 45cm OR 0.45m of the sidewalk edge.
Phase 2-Action

Sidewalk Replacement

The data collected from the inspection allows for effective identification and prioritization of sidewalk deficiencies. The collected data is used to select sidewalk candidates for replacement under capital improvement projects. These candidates are based on condition, sidewalk usage and consideration of future infrastructure projects. The City is committed to keeping all sidewalks in a state of good repair and therefore will prioritize sidewalk replacements in areas of the greatest need.

Encroachment Removal

The data collected from the 2019 inspection will also allow for effective identification and prioritization and encroachment hazards. The City is currently reviewing this information and will be compiling a list of areas/properties where potentially hazardous encroachments exist. To follow-up with these hazards and create safer spaces for pedestrians, the City will be providing a notice to residents stating that the encroachment shall be removed and will provide an appropriate time frame for doing so. If you receive one of these notices, please address the issue ASAP in order to reduce the exposure of risk to sidewalk users. We appreciate your cooperation and hope that together we can make Welland’s sidewalk safer for all pedestrians.

For further information on the regulation please visit the following website: Ontario Regulation 239/02 https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/020239.

For questions or concerns regarding the City’s Sidewalk Program please contact:
Jake Biancaniello
Asset Management Technician- Engineering
Phone: (905)735-1700 Ext. 2223