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From the Mayor’s Desktop

Read the Mayor’s Column published as a part of our ongoing efforts to improve communications.

The Lincoln Street Dock area will grow this summer - April 2020

Due to a $500,000 contribution from the Canadian Experience Fund, the Lincoln Street Dock area will grow this summer... Read the full article

Looking Back on 2019 - January 2020

Welcome to 2020 and best wishes from the City of Welland. 2019 was a great year for our city - we are growing and thriving. Council can point to a number of major achievements this past year... Read the full article

Season’s Greetings from City Hall - December 2019

December is one of the most anticipated months of the year - it’s the month that brings families together and offers festive events throughout the city. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year that we’ve shared together as a community... Read the full article

Looking Back on 2018 and Looking Forward to a Thriving New Year - January 2019

January is the month that inspires us to look forward to new endeavours, embrace family, and commit to attainable goals. The new City of Welland Council is now in the process of planning a municipal budget that will assist Welland residents and business owners in creating their 2019 plan of action. We look forward to creating a smart and resourceful city budget that will support new infrastructure and capitalize on strategic economic development initiatives while continuing to maintain core programs and services... Read the full article

Welland Remembers Service and Sacrifice this November 11, 2018 - November 2018

Canada has a long history of peacekeeping missions and takes pride in its reputation as a global contributor to international peace, security, and stability. As a peaceful nation, we have dedicated and will continue to dedicate resources to conflict prevention and worldwide peace... Read the full article

City Receives Platinum Certification as an Open Data City - October 2018

Welland Council and I appreciate city staff’s commitment to transparency and accountability through an open government strategy and for distinguishing Welland as one of the leading Canadian and international cities for open data initiatives. I am pleased to welcome the World Council on City Data (WCCD) on November 13, and look forward to accepting the ISO 37120 platinum status on behalf of Welland... Read the full article

Investing in Welland's Economic Development Agenda - August 2018

The city is active with summer activities, festivals, and competitions; but this isn’t assigned to a social landscape only. There’s also been plenty of activity the economic landscape... Read the full article

Explore the 2018 Concerts on the Canal Series this Summer - July 2018

Concerts on the Canal opened a fantastic musical season at the amphitheatre last weekend, and gauging from the audience’s enthusiasm, it looks like this summer’s music festival is going to be a hit. Juno nominee Steve Strongman opened the concert series with a full evening of blues on the waterway... Read the full article

Welland is Preparing for a Fantastic Summer on the Waterway - June 2018

The Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) is scheduled to host a long list of high-profile events at its state-of-the-art facility this competition season. On June 9, 2018, the WIFC is proud to showcase the 17th annual Welland Dragon Boat Festival. This multi-cultural festival gives locals an opportunity to engage in some fun competition, or simply enjoy the races as a spectator. The competition is a precursor to the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships, which will feature top athletes from across the country this June 28 to July 1... Read the full article

The Importance of Family Day - February 2018

Ontario launched its first Family Day on the third Monday of February 2008. This year we celebrate the tenth year of this “family in the community” inspired holiday on February 19, 2018. When Family Day was first initiated a decade ago, many people questioned how necessary the holiday was, and believed it was created due to the lack of statutory holidays over the winter season. Now, after a decade of commemorating the significance of family in the community, we’ve grown to see the value of this holiday... Read the full article

A Year in Review - January 2018

Happy New Year Welland! Council and staff look forward to rolling out the city’s 2018 Invest in Welland Budget. There are some interesting developments on the horizon that we anticipate will grow our economy, and continue to nurture social and economic growth throughout the city. .. Read the full article

Season’s Greetings From City Hall - December 2017

December is one of the most exciting and awaited months of the year. As Canadians, we learn to embrace December because it delivers winter and all the amazing benefits that a Canadian winter has to offer. December gives us the opportunity to get back on the ice, take the family tobogganing, and teach the kids how to make maple snow taffy. December also closes the year for those who follow the 12 month Civil Calendar. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and recognize the moments, accomplishments, and hurdles we’ve had. .. Read the full article

Welland Remembers Service and Sacrifice - November 2017

Canada is known for being a peaceful country and home to nearly 37 million very polite residents. Since the 1950’s Canada has been pro-active with peacekeeping missions, which has given this country a global reputation as a contributor to international peace, security, and stability. Canada has dedicated and will continue to dedicate resources to conflict prevention and worldwide peace. .. Read the full article

A Time to Give Thanks - October 2017

When we were children Thanksgiving was a day of great food, family, and fun. As adults, we know there’s more to Thanksgiving than a great meal and time spent with family. A Thanksgiving feast calls for plenty of preparation, creativity, and perseverance. I’ve grown to be thankful because I’m able to see all the hard work and dedication put into one day. .. Read the full article

Re-thinking People, Place, and Connection - September 2017

Welland is growing and making better connections to residents, visitors, and stakeholders. We have always been a social community inspired by tradition and the places we gather. Our relatives have shopped and socialized at the Welland Farmers’ Market since 1907, and we’ve celebrated on the streets of downtown Welland at festivals for decades. These places strengthen the connection between people through the places we share. .. Read the full article

Discover Competition, Entertainment, and Recreation on the Waterway - August 2017

August is definitely one of the most exciting months on the waterway this 2017 competition season. Dragon Boat Canada continues to select the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) as the National Championship venue of choice. Teams of Dragon Boats will race down the water August 3-6 and lure 2,000 competitors ranging from recreational levels to elite athletes. This event is unique because it brings dynamic groups of competitors from university teams, breast cancer survivors, people with visual impairments, and much more. All the athletes share the same desire to win, but they bring a variety of skills and levels to waterway. .. Read the full article

Celebrating 150 years of Canada: We are a Growing Story - July 2017

Canada now has 150 years of fascinating story, and Welland is a part of that amazing story. It’s been a successful 150 years for us Canadians. We’ve built a Country on the dedication and vision of our ancestors, and now hold a legacy built on strength and kindness. Although Canada’s landscape has changed significantly from 150 years ago in 1858 when Welland was officially incorporated as a village, and later received status as an official town twenty years later in 1878. The dedication and vision of the City of Welland continues to grow. .. Read the full article

Celebrate Seniors’ Month: Living Your Best Life - June 2017

According to the 2016 Canada Statistics, 21.3% of Welland’s population consists of people 65 years-of-age or older. That’s a considerable difference to our 14 and under age group, which is 14.8%. Seniors are now surpassing our youth population. How does this affect or city? It places us at an advantage because we now have a generous group of active happy seniors who assist in making this community a better place to raise families. .. Read the full article

City’s Time Capsule will Close July 1, 2017: It’s Not Too Late To Get In - May 2017

Canada’s 150th year of celebrations and events is well underway, and I hope everyone has the opportunity to participate in some of the many events that have taken place throughout or vibrant city. This is a year of unity for our country and our hometown. 2017 not only marks a 150 years of Canada; it also marks 100 years that Welland has been incorporated as a city. This is the year that we should be looking back at 100 years of growth and history, while we continue to build the present and look forward to a bright future. In the spirit of celebrating our past, present, and future; the City is preparing to launch a time capsule 50 years into the future. The capsule is scheduled for closure on July 1, 2017 at Welland Civic Square and will remain closed until July 1, 2067. .. Read the full article

Celebrate our Volunteers on National Volunteer Week - April 2017

From April 23 to 29, Volunteer Canada and the City of Welland will celebrate Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers during National Volunteer Week. The City of Welland will host its annual volunteer appreciation evening on Wednesday April 26, 2017, by recognizing over 250 volunteers that make valuable contributions to our community every day. .. Read the full article

Recreational Waterway is Competition Ready - March 2017

Welland is gaining quite a bit of attention on its waterway this year. The 2017 event season will be the busiest yet for the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) as it prepares to host 32 events between April and December... Read the full article

Canada’s 150 in Welland Showcase Local Talent to Locals - February 2017

Welland is gearing up for some excitement this month as the Canada’s 150 in Welland Committee launches a 150 Day Countdown to Canada’s sesquicentennial. On February 2, this dedicated committee of volunteers will welcome 15 gifted contestants on stage for The North Welland BIA Talent Showcase Competition. Judges will select 10 contestants from the original 15 to perform later at the Victoria Day celebrations, where 5 of the performers will advance to the final competition. This free community event offers treats for everyone to enjoy, along with a performance by the theatrical crew from Oh Canada Eh?.. Read the full article

A Glimpse at Change: Welland Moving Forward - January 2017

January has always been a time for new beginnings, and a time to embrace new developments. Now that Council has passed the City’s 2017 Budget, we can look forward to renewing City infrastructure and capitalizing on strategic economic development initiatives while continuing to maintain core programs and services. We are the first municipality in Niagara to have completed and passed a 2017 budget. This places Welland in a development ready position, and allows the City to plan ahead for 2017... Read the full article