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Mayor’s Report

August 2018


The city is active with summer activities, festivals, and competitions; but this isn’t assigned to a social landscape only. There’s also been plenty of activity the economic landscape.

Welland’s economic shift toward success is the result of many factors. The city’s economic development team continues to build a better administrative model to improve the process of city applications and permits, but seamless administration isn’t the only factor towards a string of successful new businesses opening in the city. Easy access through the 406 has improved transportation and better connection to neighbouring cities. Welland has become an even more attractive place to work due to a quicker commute. With an increase in employment growth, residential growth has followed with an estimate of 300 new dwelling units over the course of this year.

A skilled workforce and the opportunity to learn new skills are both attractive assets to potential investors, and this city has plenty of resources to fill those requirements. Niagara College offers leading research and innovation to Welland’s manufacturing industries and structures its courses to meet the demands of today’s workforce. Industries are improving to meets the needs of technology. This requires a change in how industries work, which essentially requires a labour force proficient in today’s technology. Having the college leading the way with education and advancement is an inviting incentive for developers.

Welland has attracted nearly 1.5 million Square feet of new industrial development since 2015, which has stimulated $400 million in private sector investments that will create 375 new jobs in this city. Recent investments in development and expansions have lured more industry to the city because we are gaining a reputation for working collaboratively with developers. The city is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Northern Gold, Athena Donair, Salit Steel, Gillor Holdings, and many other manufacturers this year. We also look forward to meeting and working with new industries with the new business development park on River and Downs Road. The new park offers serviced lots and a progressive city that is on the move to expand and support new ideas.