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Mayor’s Report

September 2017

Re-thinking People, Place, and Connection

Welland is growing and making better connections to residents, visitors, and stakeholders. We have always been a social community inspired by tradition and the places we gather. Our relatives have shopped and socialized at the Welland Farmers’ Market since 1907, and we’ve celebrated on the streets of downtown Welland at festivals for decades. These places strengthen the connection between people through the places we share.

After receiving a considerable amount of positive feedback on the repurposing at Market Square, city staff have begun to investigate repurposing the front exterior of Welland Civic Square. Staff have organized public engagement meetings and will continue to collect feedback from an online survey to better create a place where residents and visitors can socialize and play.

Although place-making isn’t a new concept, it is a conversation that most people and politicians tend not to engage in. When it comes to tax dollars being spent, the conversation typically revolves around infrastructure or programs and services. These are important topics in our community; however, nurturing this community and empowering residents from being passive consumers of services to people with a voice is a conversation we all should be participating in.

Creating safe, more engaging public spaces where we can connect, learn, and be a part of Welland’s story is also essential to a happy healthy community. Help us build community areas for everyone to enjoy, create, and grow together. Please contribute your ideas at this September’s “My Civic Square” public meeting, or visit welland.ca to discover more City of Welland improvement projects, and discover how you can contribute to creating community focused public spaces.