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Mayor’s Report

July 2017

Celebrating 150 years of Canada: We are a Growing Story

Canada now has 150 years of fascinating story, and Welland is a part of that amazing story. It’s been a successful 150 years for us Canadians. We’ve built a Country on the dedication and vision of our ancestors, and now hold a legacy built on strength and kindness. Although Canada’s landscape has changed significantly from 150 years ago in 1858 when Welland was officially incorporated as a village, and later received status as an official town twenty years later in 1878. The dedication and vision of the City of Welland continues to grow.

Welland was eventually incorporated as a city on July 1, 1917. It’s because of this historic day that we not only celebrate Canada’s 150th on July 1, but we also celebrate Welland’s 100th year as an official city.

Welland was a city of growth and change a century ago. Families were migrating to Welland to build better lives for their families. Places of worship were being formed to bring communities together, and Welland’s vibrant manufacturing industry was developing.

Welland is once again a growing city, but this time we’re not only growing bigger: we’re also growing smarter. Our commitment to embrace and implement new technologies to help us deliver programs and services is improving the livability, workability, and sustainability of our community.

The city’s population is also on the grow. There’s a new demand on real estate throughout Niagara, and the city is attracting new residents who want a fair investment in the housing market. This is drawing a variety of new people to our community. Particularly young families who want to experience suburban friendly neighbourhoods.

Celebrate 150 years of Canada and enjoy the many events planned for Canada’s sesquicentennial. Stop by Civic Square to visit the new Commemorative City Clock and see where the 2067 time capsule rests. As Canadians we celebrate this monumental year and reflect on a 150 years of story. As residents of Welland, this is the year to celebrate our history while looking forward to building a successful future. Happy 150 years Canada!