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Basement Flooding Risk Assessment


Project Description

target area mapThere are several areas of the City of Welland that have experienced basement flooding, an example of this is in April of 2018 when approximately 30 homes reported basement flooding in the Dain City area. The cause of basement flooding was primarily related to significant wet weather events. The City of Welland has put measures in place to minimize the occurrence of future basement flooding, however there still remains a risk. To better understand the situation, the City will be mapping the risk of basement flooding based on several factors including flood history, basement elevations, presence of sump pumps and backwater valves, lot grading, and sewer elevations. Due to the extent of work involved the City is proposing to target one specific area of Welland as a pilot project and to eventually extend the process established to the balance of the City.

The City is very interested in minimizing and ultimately eliminating basement flooding. To assist with this initiative the City currently has in place a funding program that will assist in funding the costs of the installation of sump pumps, backwater valves and the disconnection of weeping tile connections. Risk mapping will assist the City in targeting areas to promote this program. Further the risk mapping will assist the city in targeting areas for sewer infrastructure rehabilitation.

Details from the Letter sent to Residents (within the target area) - January 2019

The City of Welland has partnered with Niagara College to undertake a project that will be led by the College through their Geographic Information Systems - Geospatial Management (GIS) program.

The project titled "Basement Flooding Risk Assessment" will be a pilot/trial project focused on identifying areas of the City that are at higher risk of basement flooding. Your area has been chosen for this project because it has a history of reported basement flooding.

Two students from the Niagara College GIS program will be conducting door to door surveys and field work in your area over the next several months. The door to door surveys will simply be asking you a few questions such as,

  • do you have a basement?
  • have you ever experienced basement flooding?
  • do you have a "sump pump"?

Niagara College logoThe students will also be asking for permission to enter your home and measure the depth of your basement. Please note that both participating in the survey and allowing the measurement of your basement is completely voluntary, the data collected however will be very valuable in the risk assessment analysis.

The field work will involve measuring elevations of the outside of your home, front lawn and the street in front of your home, using specialized survey equipment.

All of the information obtained through the survey and field work will be analyzed and incorporated into a procedure to determine and map the risk of certain areas in your community to basement flooding. Once complete the Niagara College students will present their project process and findings to their class as the final thesis project for their program.

The City will benefit from this project in being able to determine if the same process can be extended to the rest of the City. Being able to identify areas in the entire City that are at higher risk of basement flooding will allow the City to better target infrastructure maintenance, improvements and replacements, in an effort to minimize this risk.

Project Questions

If you have any questions about this Niagara College/City of Welland partnership project, please contact Marvin Ingebrigtsen, P. Eng., Infrastructure Planning & Development Supervisor at 905-735-1700 ext. 2209 or email marvin.ingebrigtsen@welland.ca.

Student Verification

If you would like to validate that the student has been sent by the city, please visit: Employee ID Verification web page or scan the Id with your smart phone for confirmation.