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Important information for voters:
provides access to important information for voters, voters’ forms, guides, procedures, and links to relevant websites can be found here.

graphic for on Welland's list to vote?

Are you 18 years of age or older, a Canadian Citizen and a resident or owner or tenant of land in Welland? These are the qualifications of an eligible elector for the 2018 Municipal and School Board Election.
We encourage all electors to confirm that the information on the Voters’ List is correct and current.

Check for your name and voting information by clicking on the Welland's Voters' List graphic.



Electors can add, correct or update their personal information by completing an EL15, “Application to Amend the Voters’ List” form.
Revisions can be made:
  • in person or by mail: Welland Civic Square, 60 East Main Street, Welland L3B 3X4
  • by email: election@welland.ca
  • by fax transmission: 905-732-1919

We will be hosting public revision/registration opportunities at Market Square on Saturday, September 22nd from 8:00 a.m. to noon and at Seaway Mall on Friday September 28th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Election Team will be visiting the Hope Centre, Niagara College and Retirement Communities to update the information for clients, students, and residents at those locations.

Revisions to the Voters’ List can also be made at Advance Polls and Voting locations on Voting Day.


The information we use for our Voters’ List is provided to us by MPAC. For those wishing to remove occupant names that should no longer be associated with a property/unit, contact the MPAC Customer Contact Centre:
Toll Free 1 866 296-6722
TTY 1 877 889-6722
Monday to Friday – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST


Your voting location can be found on your Voter Notification Card. Voting locations can also be found on the 2018 Ward/Poll Maps webpage.

A person is entitled to be an elector (voter) at an election held in the Welland Municipal Election if, on Voting Day, he or she is:

  • A Canadian Citizen;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • Living in Welland or an owner or tenant of land in Welland, or the spouse of an owner or tenant of land in Welland and;
  • Not otherwise prohibited from voting;

See AMENDING THE VOTERS’ LIST, located above.

No, you can only vote in one Ward in the City of Welland (one qualifying address). If you LIVE in Welland, you must vote in the Ward you live in. If you do not live in Welland, then you choose which property address to use as your qualifying address for voting.

Yes, you can vote in the Welland Election. However, as a Non Resident Elector, there are some responsibilities to keep in mind. If you own more than one property in the Niagara area, you can only vote ONCE for Regional Councillors or School Board Trustee. If you are a Non Resident Elector of commercial Property, you cannot vote for School Board.

Yes, you can vote in the Welland Election AND in your “home” municipality. REMEMBER though that you need to provide Identification with your Welland address on it to receive your ballot….and that might mean preparing ahead. Do you have a bill with your Welland address on it? How about something from your Post Secondary School addressed to where you live in Welland? Bring that with you to your voting location.

The following cannot vote in a municipal election:

  • A person serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penal or correctional institution;
  • A corporation; or
  • A person convicted of a corrupt practice for an election held within four years of Voting Day

No, someone who is acting as an executor or in any other representative capacity (e.g. Power of Attorney) cannot vote on behalf of the person they are representing unless they have been appointed as a voting proxy by the person for that municipal election.

If you cannot attend at a Voting Location , after Nomination Day, July 27, 2018, you, as an elector in the City of Welland, may appoint another elector in the City of Welland as your voting proxy, using the prescribed form:

  • Complete this Proxy Application – Form 3 IN DUPLICATE, including the statement identifying the elector you are choosing to act as your proxy. When you have identified your proxy, you can sign the form. Clear instructions are included with the application form. (You can also complete the application at the Clerk’s Office at Welland Civic Square.)
  • The elector appointed as proxy must present the form you have signed IN DUPLICATE, together with identification, to the Clerk, complete the balance of the form in the Clerk’s presence and the Clerk will certify it.
  • Your appointed proxy will bring a copy of this certified form to your voting location, be required to take an Oral Oath and be presented with a ballot on your behalf.

Yes, bring your Voter Notification Card (VNC) and Identification with you to your voting location. Many types of ID are accepted as shown on this list of Voter Identification. Your VNC is not identification, BUT the barcode on the top of it will help us serve you more quickly.

Yes. A qualified elector can be added to the list right up to the end of Voting Day. Simply bring your identification with you to your voting location to be added to the list, receive the appropriate ballot and vote.

Most electors can vote for School Board Trustee. Your school support is listed on the Voters’ List. To check to see if it is correct visit www.voterlookup.ca and follow the prompts.

There are four different kinds of school boards in Ontario:

  • English language public school board: This is the default - unless you are qualified to vote for a separate or French board, you will vote for the English public school board in your area.
  • English language separate school board: You must be Roman Catholic, and you must be a separate school board supporter or the spouse of a separate school board supporter. If your spouse is a Roman Catholic and you are not, you are not eligible.
  • French language public school board: You must be a French language rights holder, and you must be a supporter (or the spouse of a supporter) of the French language public school board.
  • French language separate school board: You must be a Roman Catholic and a French language rights holder, and you must be a supporter (or the spouse of a supporter) of the French separate school board. If your spouse is a Roman Catholic and you are not, you are not eligible.

"Supporter" refers to which school board the school portion of your property taxes goes to. The default is the public school system. In order to be a separate school supporter you must direct your taxes to the separate school system. Contact MPAC - the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (1-866-296-6722) for more information.

Find answers in the 2018 Voters Guide or contact us: 905-735-1700 ext. 2193; election@welland.ca


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Questions, Assistance, and Accessibility

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the Municipal Election, please contact the City Clerk’s staff. They will be pleased to assist you.

Telephone: 905-735-1700 ext. 2193
Email: election@welland.ca

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