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Public Works Services

Public Works Services have historically and consistently been at the core of municipal government in Welland, providing public infrastructure and other “hard” services that are absolutely critical for the overall functionality for the City of Welland. The Public Works Department strives to provide residents and taxpayers with quality services. Those who have inquiries regarding any of our public works services are encouraged to contact the Municipal Service Centre for help, direction, and advice. This is also the most effective way to ensure public works issues are recorded and tracked in our system, and subsequently forwarded to the most appropriate personnel for action.

Contact Information:

Public Works Service Centre
located at: 99 Federal Road, Welland, Ontario
Telephone: 905 735-1700 Ext. 3000
Email: pw@welland.ca

The Public Works Department, under the direction of the Manager of Public Works Jerry Boc, is divided into five (5) divisions:

Where would you find nearly 400 acres of clean, safe and accessible open space on your doorstep? The answer is right here in Welland. Our Open spaces are among the most beautiful in Niagara Region.

We manage the city’s parks, cemeteries, waterways, forestry, street trees, floral design, and many other public open spaces. Our Parks Manager, Peter Boyce, and a skilled team take pride in conserving, enhancing, and developing Welland’s green spaces for present and future generations. It is our goal to be recognized as a leading provider of quality parks, dignified cemeteries and green spaces. It is the Parks department’s vision to contribute to a better life for all Welland residents.

We encourage you to explore these areas of freedom, fun, flowers and fresh air. Our parks are a wonderful place to de-stress, get some exercise, and enjoy some healthy living.

  • Forestry Crew take care of planting, trimming and removing dead dying or diseased trees on city boulevards, parks and naturalization areas throughout the City.
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of 50 community parks, parkettes and facilities maintenance.
  • Doan’s Ridge Cemetery and Woodlawn Cemetery care of grave sites. Care and maintenance of 28 sports fields including ball diamonds, soccer fields, cricket pitch, lawn bowling, beach volleyball court.
  • Horticultural crew maintain and design flower beds throughout the City

When you enjoy visiting one of our many facilities, it’s due to the diligence of Peter Boyce and Carmen Guglielmi and facilities staff. Our facilities staff consists of skilled staff, with a mission to maintain City facilities and ensure that all facilities comply with the Corporation’s standards.

The Facilities Division steers improvement projects at all city owned buildings. The division is responsible for projects as small as repairing a leaky faucet, or as large as managing the construction of a new facility. Facilities staff ensures City of Welland residents and employees, have clean, safe, pleasant places to play and work.

Facilities staff ensure safe buildings, make repairs as necessary, and monitor improvement projects. Our small, but efficient division continues to keep the City of Welland facilities enjoyable places of leisure, because we take pride in our facilities.

We are responsible for:

  • the physical amenities including repairs and maintenance of 25 facilities
  • the daily operation of the Arena all year round.
  • Maintain and repair of 20 plus playgrounds and 3 swimming pools, splash pad and 2 wading pools
  • building operations including security, caretaking and energy management
  • Coordination of project and construction management

Vince Beaudoin our General Foreman of Public Works, directs staff to conduct operational maintenance to the corporations roadway network as well as the water & sewer distribution systems.

The City of Welland Water Division operates in strict compliance with the Ontario Provincial  “Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 –O. Reg. 170/03”.  “The purpose of the Safe Drinking Water Act is to protect human health through the control and regulation of drinking-water systems and drinking-water testing. Building on existing policy and practice in Ontario's treatment and distribution of drinking water, the Safe Drinking Water Act requires that all municipal drinking water systems obtain an approval from the Director of the Ministry of the Environment in order to operate. Operators are required to be trained and certified to provincial standards. The act also provides legally binding standards for testing of drinking water and requires that testing be done in licensed and accredited laboratories.”

A part of this commitment the City has developed maintains standards within  a “Drinking Water Quality Management System” and has further developed and is accredited ISO 9001 for Drinking Water Distribution Systems.

We ensure the following within the scope of watermain maintenance and repair:

  • Weekly water sample testing
  • Repair of watermains / water services /  water valves / hydrants  and follow up with testing of water quality after repair
  • Lead  service replacement and testing
  • Hydrant flushing program
  • Unidirectional flushing program
  • Taste and odor concerns
  • Poor pressure concerns
  • New water service installation on existing lot

Should you have any questions or wish to report anything related to the above noted activities please call the Public Works Section @ 905-735-1700 ext 3000.

The Sewer Section ( Sanitary and Storm ) of the Public Works Division maintain and repair mainline sanitary and storm sewers along with associated  appurtenances.  Our focus is to ensure uninterrupted service to all  serviced homes and businesses within the City of Welland. 

Our maintenance programs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sanitary service repair and replacement
  • Sanitary sewer lateral ( service)  rodding and CCTV inspection
  • Mainline flushing ( yearly program includes flushing / root cutting / grease cutting )
  • Manhole and Catch basin repairs
  • Installation of new services on existing lots
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Storm retention pond maintenance
  • Monitoring of system pre and post storm event related.

Vince Beaudoin our General Foreman of Public Works, directs staff to conduct operational maintenance to the corporations roadway network as well as the water & sewer distribution systems.

The City of Welland Roads Division maintains all local roads within the city, with the exception of Regional Roads in accordance with Province of Ontario regulated “Minimum Maintenance Standards” and  present City “Levels of Service”. These standards and service levels ensure safe roads for all vehicles travelling and pedestrian traffic within our municipality.

Working Together ( spring / summer / fall )
Our roads crews work diligently through the spring, summer and fall seasons to ensure that the road and sidewalk network within the city are maintained in accordance with the above noted standards. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly road patrols are carried out by qualified staff. This ensure that deficiencies are reported and placed on repair lists based on the severity. We then address these deficiencies in a systematic way in order to ensure public safety. Some of the activities (summer/fall) that are carried out by the roads section are: Street sweeping (spring/summer/fall); Fall leaf pick up; Sidewalk trip grinding; Cold mix patching of potholes; Spray patching (tar and chip); Contracted surface treatment of roads; Resurfacing of surface treated roadways; Roadside ditching and drainage; Shoulder maintenance; Debris pick up.

Working Together (winter)
In order to minimize snow from being pushed back into driveways, you can help by doing the following:

  • Do not park on roadways during the winter months. Plows need to move around parked vehicles, which create snow build up. Ultimately when the vehicles are moved and further plowing is done, snow build up is pushed back into driveways.
  • When clearing snow from your driveway, pile the snow on the right side of the driveway (looking towards the street from driveway). This will reduce the amount of show pushed back into your driveway when the street is plowed.

City Snow Clearing
City of Welland employees work diligently to keep streets and roads clear during heavy snow fall. It’s our goal to have Welland roads cleared 24 hours after a snow fall. Sometimes, due to harsh weather, this is not always achieved. Please be patient, staff are clearing the streets systematically and will clear them all eventually. If a street has not been cleared within 24 hours after the snow fall has ended, residents can call Public Works department at 905 735-1700 ext. 3000.

Resident Snow Clearing
The City of Welland’s sidewalk snow clearing By-Law 2008-185 requires owners to clear the snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of their properties within 24 hours after a substantial snow fall. Most municipalities have a similar By-Law because it would require far too many staff and equipment to clear roads and sidewalks.

The City of Welland Fleet division is entrusted to budget, purchase and maintain the Corporation’s vehicles and equipment in accordance with the Corporation of the City of Welland Purchasing Bylaw. Our Manager of Fleet, Equipment and Purchasing ensures responsible and sensible vehicle purchases are made and best value is attained for the City.

City mechanical staff maintains the vehicle fleet and ensures it performs as efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.

Technologies: We have now launched Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) for the winter of 2011. This system is designed to better serve Welland residents and allow staff to track “live” on the location of all city snow equipment while on route. This will allow us to record and report when a street has been sanded or plowed. The program will be exemplary in monitoring and coordinating snow plow operations during a snow storm event, resulting in providing a more efficient snow removal operation.

Greening: A Green Fleet Program has been created and was approved by Council in late 2010. The program is designed to contribute to reduce Welland’s carbon foot print. The Fleet division is seeking out new technology to advance the fleet in and potentially increase productivity, effectiveness, equipment utilization, and reduce the City’s carbon footprint.

Our staff has found a way to comply with the municipality’s anti-idle policy, which allows for 3 minutes of idle for each 60 minutes. This can be very difficult to enforce and an obvious negative contributor to the environment. The Fleet division has sourced and is installing “In – Cab” heating system technology designed to be programmed to heat the vehicle or equipment when shut off. It is critical for city employees to warm-up when working in extreme cold and wet conditions.

Alternate Fuels: The Public Works Facility recently initiated a “Pilot Project” to evaluate a 5% Bio-Diesel Fuel. Results will be reported in early 2012. The main contributions to the initiatives listed will be a significant reduction in fuel consumption while reducing maintenance schedules, minimizing wear and tear on engines and engine parts and a reduction in the City’s Carbon Foot Print.  

The City of Welland plans to expand future use of alternative vehicles/equipment technologies where practical. Fleet has and will continue to develop Green Fleet initiatives to lessen the environmental impact of the existing fleet and any future growth which may occur.

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