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Engineering Division

Welcome to the Engineering Division. Residents are familiar with Public Works staff because they are seen throughout the city working on various projects. Our Engineering Division work with Public Works, Consultants and Contractors to ensure all projects in the city meet municipal standards.

Our Manager of Engineering, Erik Nickel, along with a qualified team, performs all engineering and technical services for city departments. This also includes design work and contract administration for streets, bridges, sidewalks, drainage and other public works projects. The Engineering Division follows principals of Asset Management in order to plan and implement construction programs for the $1.15 Billion in assets maintained by the City.

The Engineering Division sets the standards and specifications for new developments. Competent staff review plans and inspect plans to protect the public interest. Engineering examines design and construction of public improvements; develop the City’s Geographic Information System; conducts surveys for the investigation of drainage problems; and inspects the construction of private facilities for compliance with municipal requirements.

Engineering Division
Civic Square, Second Floor
60 East Main Street
Welland, Ontario, L3B 3X4
Telephone: 905 735-1700 Ext. 2221 or 2204
email: eng@welland.ca

Photo of public works