Strategic Plan

Charting Our Future: Welland Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Working from a strong mission, vision, and values, high-level priorities have been identified before focusing on key performance objectives. With City Council at the steering wheel and responsible for setting the vision and direction, we have filled in the projects and initiatives that will help us thrive.


To inspire and promote an active, resilient, and sustainable community delivering the best quality of life possible for all.


A trailblazing municipality, Welland proudly sets the standard in responsible governance for service-leading cities dedicated to meaningful collaboration and community safety.


Efficiency: To provide progressive governance and quality service delivery with creative and inventive mindsets, continuously improving processes to maximize our outputs.

Innovation: To engage in honest and trustworthy dialogue with one another and the community, guided by strong moral and ethical principles.

Integrity: To embrace our challenges and shape our future with a sense of optimism and purpose through a community-based approach.

Resiliency: To inspire new ideas and champion progress, tackling adversity through impactful and meaningful change.