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By-law Enforcement



A) The most common violations are:
  • grass 6” in height or greater
  • garbage and debris on properties
  • inoperative vehicles
  • graffiti on fences, buildings or structures
  • uncleared snow and/or ice on sidewalks
  • overgrown bushes & shrubs obstructing sidewalks and/or visibility at intersections
  • dilapidated, broken or leaning fences
  • noise complaints
  • standing water
  • pools constructed without a permit
  • barking dogs (enforced by the Welland & District Humane Society)
  • illegal suites or apartments
  • sheds and other accessory buildings too close to the property line
  • boats and trailers parked on a residential property too close to the property line or out of season
  • signs
A) The City of Welland uses a variety of enforcement measures.  The preferred method is to simply talk to property owners who are violating the municipality's by-laws, explain the need for the by-laws and, if possible, obtain voluntary compliance.
Where By-law Officers cannot easily meet with people:
  • Letters will be sent explaining the nature of the violation and asking for compliance by a specific date
  • Follow-up investigations will occur to ensure compliance
  • If compliance is not achieved, the City may undertake additional action such as having the required work completed and billed to the property owner, commencement of formal legal proceedings and/or issuance of a ticket(s).
A) The Region of Niagara is responsible for the enforcement of the following by-laws and by-law related programs:
• Garbage and yard-waste collection by-laws
• Recycling programs – blue/ grey boxes and green bins
• Smoke-Free Ontario Act
• Licensing/ Permits for: taxi-cabs, limousines and special transportation vehicles. Salvage yards, second-hand goods. Woodland Tree Cutting.
A) First, try speaking with your neighbour and voice your concerns. A simple conversation can yield great results. However, if you are unsuccessful please contact our By-law Enforcement Division at 905-735-1700 extension 2224 to file a complaint.

Once a complaint is received regarding a dead or dying tree our Enforcement Team will arrange to complete a site visit at the specified location with our Forestry Division. Our Forestry experts will determine the status of the tree and advise our Enforcement Officer if the entire tree or specific branches/ limbs must be removed.

Our Officer will then issue an order under our Property Standards By-law seeking the removal of the tree or specific limbs. The home owner will be given 19 days to comply.

Should the home owner fail to comply with an order our Officer will arrange for a contractor to complete the work necessary. All costs incurred, plus an administration fee will be the responsibility of the home owner.

A) You should seek legal advice to determine whether or not you may remove branches that overhang your property. If there is a tree that poses a danger from dead branches or if the tree is not sound, this matter will be dealt with by the Property Standards Officer.
A) Unfortunately the City of Welland does not survey private property. To establish where your property lines are you will need to enlist the services of an Ontario Land Surveyor.
A) Please contact our By-law Enforcement Division immediately at 905-735-1700 extension 2224.

Unfortunately our Officers are unable to monitor all properties within the City of Welland. We count on residents being our “eyes and ears” and notifying our Division when a violation occurs.

A) City of Welland By-law Enforcement Officers are available Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and will respond to noise complaints. However not all noise constitutes a violation. City of Welland Noise By-law

If you have established that the noise in question falls within one of the categories listed in Schedule 1, please contact our Enforcement Division at 905-735-1700 extension 2224.

If the noise occurs after 4:30 pm during the week or on Weekends please contact the Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111

Please note that By-law Enforcement Officers will not respond to house parties or large gatherings and Niagara Regional Police should be contacted.

A) All of our animal related by-laws are enforced by the Welland & District Humane Society. This includes barking dogs. Please contact the humane society at 905-735-1552 to learn more about their enforcement procedures and how you can assist with the investigation.

The Welland & District Humane Society will enforce the Dog Control and Licensing By-law, The Cat By-law and Exotic Animals By-law on behalf of the City of Welland.

A) All grass and weeds within the City of Welland cannot exceed 6 inches in height.
A) The City of Welland Clean Yards By-law permits one (1) inoperative vehicle per premises, owned by the Owner or Occupant and providing that it meets one of the criteria listed below:
  1. A "hobby repair vehicle" where hobby repair is being actively carried on; or
  2. A "historic vehicle", being an automobile that is at least thirty (30) years old; or
  3. A vehicle used seasonally and plated annually for a period of time less than a full year.
A) The City of Welland By-law Enforcement Division has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to graffiti. Our Division also recognizes the impact it can have on local businesses and home owners when their properties are vandalized. The City of Welland has created a Graffiti Removal Assistance Program to assist property owners with removal costs. For more information, please review our Graffiti page.
A) No. The City of Welland Clean Yards By-law has established minimum standards that property owners are required to adhere to. This includes the removal of refuse, garbage, litter and debris, grass and weeds in excess of 6 inches, inoperative motor vehicles and any other items that appear to be discarded or abandoned.

Complete list of standards set by the Clean Yards By-law

A) Unfortunately our Officers are unable to assist on this matter; you should seek legal advice as this would be considered a civil matter between property owners. However, our Officers will be able to assist if your neighbour is placing snow on the travelled portion of the roadway and/ or City sidewalk.
A) Please contact the Region of Niagara – Public Health. Their Tobacco Hotline is 1-888-505-6074.
A) The Region of Niagara is responsible for all waste management operations. For more specific information regarding your area please visit: https://www.niagararegion.ca/waste/default.aspx
A) Whether you own property or rent, live or work in the City of Welland, everyone has a role in rat / mouse prevention. Rodent proofing your home and property is the most important factor to prevent and control these pests.
Questions or concerns? Contact Niagara Region Public Health at 905-356-1538 or visit the Public Health webpage.
Visit Canada411.ca for local pest control services. View rodent prevention tips at the Government of Canada website.