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Business Licenses

The Licensing Division is responsible for licensing various businesses operating within the City. Those businesses that require City licences are:
  • Fireworks – sale of
  • Food premises
  • Food vehicles
  • Hawker and Peddlars
  • Outdoor Entertainment Events
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Personal Service Establishments – includes aesthetics, nail salons, barbers and hair styling shops
  • Public Garages
  • Donation Collection Bins
Those businesses that are licenced by the City are subject to required inspections upon initial application and renewal. The required inspections list can be found in Schedule “B” of the Business Licensing By-law 2011-173.

Information regarding the requirements for each type of business the City of Welland licenses may be found in the Schedule for that business type with our Business Licensing By-law 2011-173.
  • Schedule 1 – Retail Sale of Fireworks
  • Schedule 2 – Food Premises
  • Schedule 3 – Food Vehicle
  • Schedule 4 – Hawker and Peddlar
  • Schedule 5 – Outdoor Entertainment Events
  • Schedule 6 – Pawnbrokers
  • Schedule 7 – Personal Service Establishment
  • Schedule 8 – Public Garage (Automotive Rental, Sales and Service)
  • Schedule 9 – Donation Collection Bins

Note: Lottery licensing is handled by the Clerks Division.