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Community Profile/Employment Trends

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Community Profile

This profile contains information and statistics about the City of Welland, Ontario, Canada, that we hope is useful to those involved in making a location decision or seeking general information.

Welland is a component community within the Regional Municipality of Niagara in the Province of Ontario. The City is governed by a twelve member council and Mayor. The administration of the City is under the direction of a CAO who reports to the Mayor and Council.

The City is responsible for revenue collection, local planning, local economic development, building permits, local water and sewer mains, local streets, fire protection, parks and recreation, and public cemeteries. The Regional government is responsible for regional planning, regional economic development, water and sewage treatment, major water and sewer mains, solid waste, police, major roads and social services.

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Review of Employment Trends 2016

The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the employment trends in Welland. The data provided summarizes the findings gathered while updating the Welland Business Directory. This process involved the collection of employment data from individual companies in the City of Welland.

This report will examine changes in data for the 2015 and 2016 Business Directories. Changes within existing businesses, new business openings, and business closures/relocations were examined. The net change of firms and employees, comparisons of employee numbers for the largest employers in Welland, data for the largest manufacturing employers, and employment statistics for Non-Profit and Sports Clubs and Organizations are presented. This report concludes with a summary of employee totals and firm numbers for each sector in the City of Welland.

Over the course of one year, fluctuations occurred within some employment categories; however, these fluctuations are a regular occurrence and do not necessarily denote a trend.

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