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Planning Act, Chapter P.13, Section 45(1), R.S.O. 1990

  1. FILE NO.   A01/2015
    An application has been received from Zoltan Engineering Inc. on behalf of 2398809 Ontario Inc. for property at 383 King Street, Welland (Lot 22 and Part of Lot 23, Plan 565 and Part of Road Allowance between Concessions 5 and 6, Crowland) to consider a variance from City of Welland Sign By-law 2005-21 (as amended) as follows: Section 7.4.2 - To permit canopy signs to extend above the roof line of a building instead of not extending above the roof line for a proposed gas bar canopy. EXPLANATORY NOTE: Relief is requested in order to permit the erection of signs on a proposed gas bar canopy.
  2. FILE NO.   A02/2015
    An application has been received from Donald Krieg and Elizabeth Stephens for property at 963 Buchner Road, Welland (Part Lot 10, Concession 6, Crowland) to consider a variance from Township of Crowland Zoning By-law 1538 (as amended) as follows: Section 7.2.7 - To permit a minimum distance separation from existing animal operations of 165 metres instead of the required 300 metres for a proposed dwelling, such dwelling will meet the MDS I requirements. EXPLANATORY NOTE: Relief is requested in order to permit the construction of a new dwelling.

Key maps identifying the location of the subject lands for each Application are shown.

A Public Hearing will be held by the Committee to consider these Applications at 5:00 P.M., Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at the Civic Square, Council Chambers, 60 East Main Street, Welland.

You are entitled to attend this Hearing in person to express your views on the Applications.  If you wish to make written comments on any Application, they may be forwarded to the Secretary- Treasurer of the Committee at the address shown below.  If you do not attend this Hearing it may proceed in your absence and except as otherwise provided in the Planning Act, you will not be entitled to any further notice in the proceedings.

The Applicant or their Agent must be present at the Hearing.

A copy of the Decision of the Committee will be sent to the Applicant and to each person who appeared in person or by Counsel at the Hearing and who has filed with the Secretary-Treasurer a written request for the Notice of Decision.  Submitting a written request for the Decision will also entitle you to be advised of a possible Ontario Municipal Board Hearing should the Decision be appealed by the Applicant or another member of the public.

Additional information regarding the Applications is available to the public for inspection in Integrated Services, Civic Square between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday to Friday.

Dated January 29, 2015

Christine Rossetto,
City of Welland Committee of Adjustment,
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