Website Navigation Tips


Live, Work and Play Menus

The menus on the top-left are separated into information for residents, those with business interests, and people looking to get out and enjoy Welland.

During usability testing, we found that fly-out menus can cause problems for some people. We've designed our menus so that you can click the item that will show sub-menus to get to a text based navigation page. In fact, all of the menu items are links.

This menu, and body text will re-size with browser preferences to make viewing easier for visitors who prefer or require larger fonts.

Left Side Navigation Menus

The vertical menu on the left-hand side will usually show a departments link that relates to the page you currently have selected. General information pages including the homepage have a general interest menu.

Unfortunately, these menus cannot resize without spilling into the main text area making things more difficult to read.

This menu always contains a link to the homepage, contact page and sitemap/search.

Bottom of the Page Menu

The menu at the bottom of the page has disclaimer, privacy policy and accessibility information links - as well as an additional homepage link - you can never have too many of those.