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Proposed Route Adjustments - Public Meeting Oct. 7, 2014

  • A public meeting will be held to discuss proposed Transit Route Adjustments. This meeting will take place at the Community Room, 2nd Floor of the Welland Arena, 501 King St. between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Proposed Route adjustments to Route 1 Broadway, Route 3 First Ave., Route 4 Fitch, Route 5 Lincoln-Wellington and Route 8 Woodlawn. These measures are from recommendations from the Transit Strategic Plan and are designed to increase ridership and enhance schedule adherence. Your comments are appreciated. Email Transit or call 905 735-1700 ext. 3101

Main St. Bridge reopening

  • Attention passengers: Due to Main St. Bridge reopening, Welland Transit will return to regular routing effective Monday Sept. 29, 2014. This will allow sufficient time to inform the public, make necessary changes at bus stops and ensure the bridge work is completed. For any questions please contact us at 905 735-1700 ext. 3101.

Niagara College and Brock Announcements

  • September 2014 - Attention Niagara College and Brock Students

    Effective September 2, 2014 Welland Transit will be providing a U Pass service for all eligible full time Niagara College and Brock University students. Eligible Students may use a letter of acceptance from the College or University as fare payment until September 12, 2014. Please obtain your sticker as soon as possible from the Student Administrative Council (SAC) office to use the bus service and avoid having to pay cash fare.

  • NOTL Link - Welland Transit will also be providing bus service between Welland Campus and Niagara on the Lake Campus - NOTL Link* as per the following schedule (pdf). Service starts Sept. 2, 2014.

    *Please note the service level that is provided due to reduced service during reading Weeks.
  • Niagara College students and Brock University students

    Brock Link bus will be connecting Niagara College with Brock University for Niagara College students in St. Catharines and Brock University students in Welland. Service starts Sept. 2. 2014.

Route 5 Detour

Due to construction on Plymouth the following detour is in effect until further notice. We expect the detour to last 2 months.

After turning right onto Nelles the bus will turn right onto Bishop,, right onto Churchill, left onto McNaughton, left onto Exeter, onto Dover, left onto First St.,right onto Plymouth and follow regular routing.

Please board the bus at the following locations:
  • Nelles and Bishop;
  • Bishop and Churchill, and
  • First St. and Plymouth.

Detour – Quaker Rd. Effective immediately

Due to construction on Quaker Rd. the following buses will detour via Woodlawn Rd.
  • Route 8 Woodlawn – leaving Seaway Mall turning left onto Niagara, right onto Woodlawn, Right onto First and left into College and regular routing.
  • Brock Link – returning to College via Niagara St. right onto Woodlawn, right onto First and left into College and follow regular routing.
  • NOTL Link – Returning to College via Niagara St. right onto Woodlawn, right onto First and left into College and follow regular routing.
  • Port Colborne Link – Leaving Niagara College turning right onto First, Left onto Woodlawn and left onto Niagara and right into Seaway Mall and follow regular routing.
  • Route 10 West Community- leaving Zehrs –right onto Niagara, right onto Woodlawn, right onto First and left into College and follow regular routing.

    We apologize for the lateness in this message however we were given last minute notification.

Niagara Region Transit

Priority and courtesy Seatiing information
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  • Accessible Conventional Service

    Welland Transit is pleased to announce that Route #3 First Avenue is now accessible. This provides accessible service to Niagara College and the Wellness Centre.


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            Public Transit Tax Credit
      Public Transit Tax Credit



General Information
          905-735-1700 ext. 3101

Trans-Cab Bookings

WellTrans Bookings
         905-735-1700 ext. 3102

Downtown Terminal is located at:
          160 East Main St.

Niagara Region Transit
          905-685-1571 ext. 3550
          or Toll-free:
          1-800-263-7215 ext. 3550

Coach Canada

St. Catharines Transit

Niagara Falls Transit

Niagara Specialized Transit
for Medical, Employment and Education Trips - you must be registered to use. NST Service is a Regional service and is not part of Welland Transit.
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Help us to serve you better!

We would like passenger comments and suggestions for improving our local public transit service.

Your input is important to us.

Please forward written comments to:

Welland Transit
c/o Civic Square
60 East Main Street
Welland, Ontario
L3B 3X4

email Transit