Privacy Policy

Visitor Information Collected

We collect information common to most website log filesĀ (including time and date, IP addresses, referrer information and browser type). This information is used to validate feedback and for statistical purposes. Visitor information will not be displayed for, given to, or sold to third parties without express permission unless required for law enforcement purposes.


"Cookies" are simple text files that web browsers place on computer hard drives when sites are visited. Cookies cannot damage files, nor can they read information from a user's hard drive.

The City of Welland currently uses a single cookie to keep track of display preference (graphics version or text version).

Cookie Description
DisplayType Used to store user preferences for display type. This cookie can have two values, "PlainText" or "Graphics". Webpage programming uses the value of the cookie to render the same content appropriately.

Any changes in the use of cookies will be posted here.