Welland System Maps


  • Our interactive G.I.S. Map
  • Property Information Sheets
    • Welland Property Information Pages show general information for each civic address in the City of Welland.  Each page contains the following details:

      • Civic address
      • Assessment roll number
      • Geographic lot area
      • Zoning designation
      • Official plan designation
      • Garbage collection day
      • Planning district
      • Ward, poll
      • Councillor name, phone number
      • Road jurisdiction and maintenance contacts
      • Geographic longitude and latitude

      In addition to the above information you will see a map showing the property itself as well as a Google Street View image showing the property from the road.  Our hope is that these web pages will give you a quick and user-friendly option for retrieving the basic property information you are looking for.

      Click on the link above, then click on the street name that the property you are interested is on.  You will then be presented with a list of valid civic addresses on that street.  Finally, click on the address you want to see information for.

The following pdfs are also available: