City Parks

Enjoy Your Park this Fall and Winter! Parks are open to residents all winter with trails, ice rinks and beautiful scenery. Take a stroll and enjoy the flowers and foliage at their peak. Pull out your cross country skis and take advantage of a sunny snowy day.

Pavilion Rentals
Pavilions are available at Chippawa, Memorial, St. George, Cooks Mills and Merritt Island Parks from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving Day.

Applies to any property owned, leased or controlled by the Niagara Region or any area municipality, whether or not a “No Smoking” sign is posted.

  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • sport fields
  • arenas
  • recreational centres
  • bus shelters
  • splash pads
  • pools
  • 9-metres within an entrance/exit
  • Highways
  • Sidewalks (except those within a 9-metre radius of an entrance/exit)
  • Parking lots (except those within a 9-metre radius of an entrance/exit)
  • Beaches
  • Walking or hiking trails
  • Residential dwellings

List of Community Parks

 Picture Welland Park

Within the City of Welland, one finds approximately 447 acres of parkland in its many forms.  Our major community parks include Memorial, St. George, Chippawa and Maple Park. Did you know that we have 57 parks and greenways in the City of Welland? We encourage you to visit these areas as many as you can over the year.

Take a Walk in the Park
View the crystal reflection on the still ponds and listen to the songbirds announce spring. Pause and absorb the fragrance of the wild rose, or bask in the sunlight. Use all of your natural senses. Best choices for this experience are Chippawa Park, Merritt Park on King Street and Merritt Island in the historic downtown core of Welland.

Treasure the value of our parks as our City expands, and remember that our grandchildren's enjoyment depends on how we look after our parks today. Stay on the trails, touch, and smell and enjoy the natural plants but please don't take them home with you. Get out there and enjoy the trails throughout our City, the trails on the Welland Recreational Waterway, Merritt Island and Stop #19.

Picture Sports Complex Baseball StadiumRespect that special moment when you encounter the birds and animals in the park; scaring or chasing will only make these moments extinct. It is your park so consider yourself a custodian, don't allow the park to be disgraced with litter. Fires are prohibited. Caution must accompany every cigarette spark. Ensure that our beautiful parks don't become permanent disfigurements in our City.

Picture Old Merrit Island PlaygroundAll motorized and/or trail bikes are prohibited on park trails for safety reasons. Walkways are designed for slow movement, thus joggers are asked to be careful and courteous.

Let's care about our parks. Appreciate and protect them. The parks have so much to offer, let's experience it; let's take a walk in our parks.

For more information on parks, trails and greenways call Parks, Facilities, & Leisure at 905-735-1700

Picture Niagara College Park

 * pictures supplied by Bogner

Our parks welcome you and your pet. Please keep dogs leashed and clean up after them. Children who play in our parks thank you! (See leash-Free Dog Park below)
Littering is Illegal
Garbage containers are located throughout the park for your use. Please dispose of any wrappers or leftovers properly.
Safety and Hazard Elimination
Playground equipment and park trees are checked frequently by City Staff, however, if you notice playground equipment which may be hazardous or jeopardizes safety of children, and/or if you see dead, diseased, dying or dangerous trees on parks property, call 905-735-1700.
Unlawful behaviour and vandalism will not be tolerated in our parks. All vandalism will be dealt with appropriately. To report vandalism to City property, call 905-735-1700 ext. 3000.
The City does not permit motorized vehicles or alcohol in the parks except with the written permission of the City.
No Smoking
Please obey the No Smoking signs you will see at all City of Welland playing fields.

Community Parks 

Picture Merrit Island Park

Welland is indeed the “City of Roses”
with many of the finest displays in the City parks & beautification areas.

Here’s a quick tour of our major parks:  

Chippawa Park (First Avenue & Fitch Street)

One of the premier locations is the Chippawa Park rose garden. This garden features many varieties of roses with the City of Welland rose as a part of the display. This floral garden is the site of many wedding pictures. 

Memorial Park (Memorial Park Drive & Ontario Road)

Picture of Memorial Park splash poolLocated in the south-east end of the City, adjacent to the current Welland Canal, this park offers families a wonderful environment to meet, play and hold family reunions. Amenities include a splash pool, wading pool and community pool, five pavilions, numerous softball fields and children’s play area. 

Maple Park (South Pelham Road, south of Thorold Road)

Located in the south-central section of the City this community park is undergoing many changes and additions. Currently, the park is home to one of the community Olympic size pools, wading pool and has a large passive park area.

St. George Park (St. George Street, off Broadway)

Located in the south-west section of the City this park is one of the community parks that once you find it, families always want to come back. Amenities include: picnic areas with pavilions, Olympic pool, wading pool, play structure for children and plenty of off road parking.

Merritt Park (King Street)

Home for the Welland Canal Monument & scenic winter lighting displays, this park is located on King Street, adjacent to the Welland Club and across the street from the Welland Historical Museum. The park is passive in design and features smaller rose gardens, shrubs and trees; a park to relax, read and view the recreational waterway close by this park.

Merritt Island & Canal Lands

Picture Canal Lands in the winterIs there an island in the City Centre? Yes there is, discover Merritt Island and the Recreational Waterway when visiting the Welland area. This hidden treasure, located in the downtown core of Welland, is an outdoor paradise. The Welland Recreational Canal Corporation is the proud owner of the canal lands. The Canal Corporation administers and will be responsible for the development of new amenities at Merritt Island and along the recreational waterway lands. To date, trails have been completed and other upgrades will be occurring this year. Upgrades will continue in cooperation with Regional Niagara and based on the recommendations in the 1997 Master Plan for the Welland Canals Parkway & Trails. The City will complete the installation of a new play area for children and other new amenities will be added based on a public consultation process. This property is excellent for family picnics, walking, hiking, biking, and blading, wheeling or jogging. 905.735.1700.

Welland Leash-Free Dog Park

Welland's Dog Park

Located adjacent to the Welland Recreational Waterway at the junction of Ontario Road and Prince Charles Drive. There is a large dog fenced playground and one for small dogs no larger than 14 inches at the shoulder. Equipped with benches and a specialty water fountain for our canine friends to have a refreshing drink. Free parking.

Please follow the rules of the Park

  • Open dawn to dusk
  • Up-to-date rabies and licence tags required
  • Use the off-leash area at your own risk
  • Leash your dog while entering and exiting
  • Keep your dog within sight and under verbal control
  • Children Under 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult
  • No glass containers, food or toys
  • Clean up after your dog
  • No puppies under four months, female dogs in heat, sick dogs, aggressive dogs or dogs that require muzzling
  • Off-leash area users are subject to the Dog Owners Liability Act and applicable Municipal By-Laws