1. Welland Public Library
  2. Welland Court House
  3. PenFinancial Credit Union Flatwater Community Centre
  4. Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC)
  5. Youngs Sportsplex Insurance Brokers
  6. South Niagara Rowing Club & Rowing Course
  7. Welland Historical Museum
  8. Niagara Regional Exhibition & Fairgrounds
  9. The Sports Complex
  10. Niagara Motorcycle Raceway
  11. Welland Canal Memorial Monument




Welland Public Library

Picture of the Welland Public LibraryThe Welland Public Library is located at 50 The Boardwalk. The Welland Public Library is committed to supporting and enriching the educational, informational, cultural and recreational interests of the citizens of Welland with quality library services. The Library has been in existence since 1825 and is the storehouse for lots of information on the City of Welland. The collection goes far beyond books and visitors are able to access information on genealogy, canal pictures, canal clippings, interactive learning, historic buildings, canal bibliography, and more.    905.734.6210




Welland Court House

With recently completed renovations, the Courthouse is located in the historic downtown core of the City, this facility is now a state of the art facility set for the new millennium. With items archived from the past, a museum has been set up on the second floor for the public to view. For further information call    905.735.1700.




PenFinancial Credit Union Flatwater Community Centre

Picture PenFinancial Credit  Union Flatwater Community Centre

The North Welland Flatwater Community Centre, built by volunteers with the support of local businesses in 2010, is now officially called the PenFinancial Credit Union Flatwater Community Centre. PenFinancial Credit Union’s financial commitment will assist the South Niagara Canoe Club, Notre Dame Rowing Club, Open Water Swimmers & Triathlon Group, and the Flatwater Rental Program in their community programming. The Flatwater Community Centre, located at 108 Thorold Road East, is also home to the National Rowing Development Centre of Ontario.

The Flatwater Rental Program begins in May and is open until the end of August, offering flatwater enthusiasts pedal boats, recreational canoes and kayaks as well as standup paddleboards (SUP). TheRental Program is perfect for family outings, birthday parties for kids and team building for work events . For questions or comments, please phone the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation offices at 905-788-9511.




Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC)

Picture Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC)

The Welland Recreational Canal Corporation created the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC) in 2007 building on the direction of the City of Welland Council starting in 2005 to pursue sport tourism and to begin to utilize more of the Waterway for sport.  The newly created flatwater centre is situated on two hundred and seventy two acres of the waterway.  Local rowing, canoe kayak, canoe polo, dragon boat, triathlon and open water swimming clubs utilize the waterway daily for training.  The WIFC also is home to two international standard courses; a 1,000 meter Albano buoyed course (the North Course) and 2,000 meter Albano buoyed course (the South Course). The WRCC, through the WIFC, has endeavoured to become the premiere site for hosting flatwater sport events, championships and training camps and has been the selected venue for local, provincial, national and international regattas ever since. For questions or comments, please phone the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation offices at 905-788-9511




Youngs Sportsplex Insurance Brokers

Picture Youngs Sportsplex Insurance Brokers

The New Youngs Sportsplex - located at 560 river road - features a FIFA regulation sized soccer field, four indoor tennis courts, as-well-as a Sport Performance Centre and convenience food area. Surrounding the complex are five FIFA regulation soccer fields, two of which are artificial turf field. The facility offers numerous field oriented sports and provides a venue for recreational/competitive athletes to train all year round. The Sportsplex serves not only serves residents of Welland, it serves various sporting communities from Niagara.

This facility is unique because of all of the opportunities it offers for various sports including soccer, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, indoor and outdoor field lacrosse, indoor and outdoor rugby, indoor adult slow-pitch, dodge ball, touch football and indoor golf. The complex will host one or two sporting events per month and will be the nucleus for sports tourism events in the Niagara Region.




South Niagara Rowing Club & Rowing Course

Picture South Niagara Rowing ClubIn 1976, a small group of interested citizens from the cities of Welland and Port Colborne in the Region of Niagara embarked on establishing the South Niagara Rowing Club. The South Niagara Rowing Club was established along the banks of the Old Welland Canal, which was no longer being used for shipping. The area had the potential of being a wonderful rowing facility and great race course due to the high banks, which shelters the waterway from wind. 

Since its beginnings the "Great Dain" Rowing Course has been privileged to host many regattas, such as the Ontario Rowing Championships, the Canadian Masters Rowing Championships, as well as the Inaugural Regatta of the Americas. The South Niagara Rowing Club has also been the site for many Canadian National Rowing Teams Training Camps and Trials, as well as National Team Crews from Great Britain, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. Boathouse: 905.734.7815. 




Welland Historical Museum

Current displays at the Museum include a history of the industrial development of the City of Welland. A permanent display of the history of the Welland Canals and their impact on the City is featured. Did you know there have been four canals including the current canal?

The Welland Historical Museum is a great place to bring the kids!  While at the museum make sure to stop by the Just 4 Kids gallery – a special section where children are encouraged to participate in interactive play. Everything in the children’s museum is a hands-on experience!

The Museum is open to the public Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, closed Sunday and Monday and is located at 140 King Street. Call the Welland Historical Museum for more information at    905.732.2215.




Niagara Regional Exhibition & Fairgrounds

picture - Niagara Regional Exhibition and Fairgrounds

Owned and operated by the Niagara Regional Agricultural Society this facility is home to many events and activities throughout the year. In 2003 the NRE celebrated its’ 150th year as Niagara South’s largest fall fair. The Welland Indoor Tennis Club moves into the main fairgrounds building for the fall/winter months and many events take place on the grounds such as the Help A Child Smile Rodeo and the Last Chance Car Show. The annual fall fair is traditionally on the second weekend of September and brings farm people, produce and displays from the Niagara agri-tourism industry and farming businesses in Niagara.    905.735.6413.




The Sports Complex

The Sports Complex is a state of the art baseball stadium with seating for 3,000 spectators and a ball field that meets the requirements for major league play. The stadium is further enhanced by other amenities which baseball players and fans would expect, ample parking and two softball diamonds, available for professional and amateur play.    905.735.1700 ext. 4000. 




Niagara Motorcycle Raceway 

The Welland County Motorcycle Club (WCMC) is a not-for-profit organization which was formed years ago by motorcycle enthusiasts to promote motorcycling. Currently, the Club holds many rides; poker runs and other events open to any one who is interested in participating. The Club has approximately 110 members and holds weekly meetings at its Clubhouse every Wednesday evening. Guests are welcome and may apply for Club membership at the meetings. The WCMC owns and operates the Niagara Motorcycle Raceway, Canada's most prestigious 1/4 mile oval dirt race track. The track is specifically designed and built for motorcycle racing, and features thrilling Dirt Track, Speedway, ATV and Youth Class racing every Saturday night from mid June to the end of July. The Welland County Motorcycle Club's 23 acre property is located near the south-east corner of Welland, Ontario, Canada; an easy 15 to 20 minutes ride from Niagara Falls, and the border at Buffalo, New York.




Welland Canal Memorial Monument

The Welland Canal Memorial monument was built to commemorate the hard working people from Canada and around the world who came to the Niagara Peninsula to build this waterway known as the Welland Canal.  The Millennium Bureau of Canada gave us a grant of $76,000 for this Millennium project.  The balance of $191,000 came from the generous and caring people of our community.

The monument will serve as a lasting tribute to the citizens of the community.  It will remind us of the importance of multiculturalism to Welland's development in the past, present and future.  Industries, business professionals, and citizens have prospered here in Welland and the Niagara Peninsula because of the efforts of the people who built the canal.  Some lost their lives digging with picks and shovels, many left their families in their homelands who came to Canada in search of work.

Picture Welland Canal Memorial MonumentDue to the generosity of the people in our community, the monument is completed.  In September of 2002, the unveiling of the bronze boy at the back of the fountain overlooking the canal was done.  Also three bronze plaques with donor's names were placed north of the fountain.  We continued to sell bricks.  We will be installing more bricks to the memorial pathway this spring.  More lightening will be added this summer to enhance the boy and the donor plaques.  Seeing one's name engraved on a brick and placed on the historical pathway has created such great enthusiasm and community spirit has others wanting to follow in their path.

 None of this would have been possible without the renowned artist and sculptor, Bas Degroot who designed the fountain and bronze statues.  Due to his untimely death, he was unable to see it come to fruition.  This monument is his lasting legacy to the citizens of Welland and the surrounding area.  Mylinda and Bill Jurgenson completed the five bronze statues.  Special thanks go to the city workers who came forth after the death of the artist and volunteered their time and city equipment to help us get started.  Welland Hydro created a unique and spectacular light show to highlight this work of art.

 We wish to acknowledge and thank the Millennium Bureau of Canada, the City of Welland, the City workers and Welland Hydro for all their support with this project.  Special recognition must go to the citizens of Welland and the surrounding area for their encouragement and support.  This labour of love would not have been possible without everyone's support.   905-732-5337

Bricks are still available, for more information please call the Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre at 905-732-5337.